Arrow Season 6 Finale: [SPOILER]’s Death Is Permanent

Since its first season, Arrow has always been following a pattern to bring a season to an end. No matter how powerful the bad guy, or, how insurmountable the odds are, Arrow has always managed to wrap up a season with defeating the bad guy while managing to bring the team together. After two explosive seasons from the beginning, the writing has been a mere shadow of the past. With weak villains, sloppy writing and a lack of surprise element, Arrow has been going downhill ever since. So this time, in order to keep the fans hooked for the upcoming seventh season, the sixth season finale finally managed to break the pattern of having a happy ending. Instead of being able to regroup and defeat the villain without any major casualty, the Arrow season 6 finale actually managed to surprise the fans.

Arrow’s season six has been surprisingly better than its predecessors. While the sixth season lacked the gravitas of powerful antagonist like Prometheus, the writing has been quite decent. The sixth season had its usual dose of drama, but, it also raised the stakes for real this time. This time, the most important part of any vigilante was put on the line; his/her secret identity. In the season sixth finale ‘Life Sentence’, Team Arrow managed to get just one part right. They defeated the big bad villain Ricardo Diaz, barely.

The season finale forced Oliver Queen to trade his alter ego for the big bad of the season, Ricardo Diaz. His deal also provided full immunity to his team members while putting himself in a supermax federal prison. Oliver’s deal with Agent Samanda Watson and the FBI helped him to drive out the gangsters out of Star City, take down Diaz’s personal army and procure the list of all the undercover agents working for Diaz. But in a turn of events, Diaz manages to survive, thanks to a failed murder attempt by Black Siren. The botched attempt allowed Diaz to leave the city unharmed.

The season finale also made Oliver make amends with Dinah, Rene and Diggle, and also managed to salvage the season from the horrible written episode ‘Collision Course’, where Arrow goes up against Dinah and Curtis. But the major part of the season finale was the tearful farewell to one of the oldest and most beloved characters of the show.

The climax of the season finale had some rough events which was shocking for the fans. In the climactic battle, Quentin Lance, one of the oldest characters of the show took a bullet to save his daughter Laurel from Earth-2. Previously, bullet wounds on major characters were brushed aside to help the characters sail through to the next adventures. But unfortunately, the bullet wound for Quentin Lance ended up being fatal. Quentin succumbs to his injuries in the hospital, as he had a seizure during the operation. The final moments were tearful for the fans as Oliver had his last chat with Quentin.

Before Quentin expired, Oliver had the chance to express his gratitude to him for being the father who he never had. Oliver lets Quentin know that he learned to become a father by watching him, and not his own biological father. The late arrival of Sara Lance, the real daughter of Quentin was another emotional moment for the fans, though the event seemed a bit forceful as Sara had access to a time machine.

Arrow season 6 finale

Despite the death of a major character, the most shocking part of the finale is Oliver’s decision to trade his alter ego and finding himself behind the bars of a supermax federal prison. While Arrow has been quite notorious to evade major events to restore the status quo, this time, the show can actually achieve its former glory if it decides to follow on the imprisonment of its lead protagonist. While it’s obvious that Arrow will definitely restore Oliver Queen as the Emerald Archer, but it would be interesting to see how he manages to find his freedom once again. On top of that, now that Oliver Queen’s alter ego is out in the public, all crosshairs are now on his closed ones. With his secret identity out in the open, Arrow just became public enemy number one.

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