10 Things We Hate About Ginny Weasley In The Harry Potter Movies

Ginny Weasley as a character has been debated about quite a lot mainly because of the differences in her character in the books as compared to the movies. In the books, Ginny is a very interesting character who is multi-talented and a complete badass but in the movies, she is two dimensional and simply boring. These are some of the things about Ginny from the movies that we hate:

She is annoying:

There is more than one occasion when we find the movie Ginny annoying. Her expressionless face and lack of personality in the movies is super irritating. Her crush on Harry is almost like a fangirl’s celeb crush and we never feel anything for her (not even when she is in the chamber of secrets).

There is zero chemistry between Harry and her:

One of the worst couples in the movies are Harry and Ginny and the sole reason is that they have no chemistry together and don’t ever look like they actually want to be together. Even though the actors do play a part in this but the acting a badly written part is already difficult. Harry has better chemistry with almost every other character!

The acting:

Bonnie Wright played the role of Ginny Weasley in the movies and it is time we accept she was not good for the role. It was one of the worst casting decisions and affected the movies a lot. Wright made the character seem lifeless and uninteresting when in the books Ginny was a colourful and cheerful character. Wright’s bad acting made us hate an above average character and totally ruined it.

The awkwardness:

Ginny is always awkward in the movies. Every scene she appears in becomes awkward and specially when she and Harry are in the same frame. There are plenty of scenes in the Half blood prince alone that prove this point. Remember when she feeds Harry that cookie in front of her dad? *cringe*

Why did she tie his shoelace?

This particular scene deserves a separate hate post because it was simply stupid. There are not many stupid scenes in the movies but this one is intolerable. In the Half blood prince, there is a moment when Ginny ties Harry’s shoelace, this is right before Bellatrix appears. Did she need to treat Harry like a baby in order to show her affection?

The kiss:

Harry and Ginny’s first kiss was simply bad and even though the music was great and the moment was right, the kiss was just uncomfortable to watch. The actors lack chemistry and the characters lack intimacy. There is no reason to root for them and what makes Ginny a bit tolerable is the fact that Harry’s last girlfriend was Cho who screwed up by giving away information and became a character easy to dislike.

The Harry-Ginny relationship has no development in movies:

If you watch the first four movies for the first time without reading the books, you have no reason to think that Harry Potter and this awkward shy girl will one day get together. There is simply no development of their friendship let alone romantic inclination. This just shows that either the screenwriters were clueless about this future couple or simply weren’t rooting for them.

Ginny was an athlete:

If you have never read the books you wouldn’t know that Ginny was actually very athletic and excelled in sports. She even played professional quiditch and became a sportsperson. In the movies she is only once shown wearing a quiditch uniform and she doesn’t look athletic at all. She was a tomboy and was much more confident than she is in the movies.

She is silent and dainty in the movies:

Ginny Weasley is always seen standing in the background all by herself or crying or snogging Dean Thomas. She has less dialogues and is mostly a secondary character. In the books she was much more active than she is in the movies and that makes us question why she was portrayed so differently in the movies.

She was incredible at magic:

harry potter Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley had many talents and despite her athletic abilities, she was very good at magic and could perform some complex hexes and spells at a young age. She even caught the eye of Slughorn because of this talent and as a result he invited her to join the Slug club which was only open to the influential students or the brilliant ones.

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