10 Scenes from Harry Potter That the Actors Really Struggled to Shoot

The Harry Potter movies just celebrated their 20th anniversary and it is hard to imagine it has been 20 years since this world was introduced to us. There were a lot of wonderful elements involved in the making of these movies. We got to witness the pages from the books coming to life in these wonderful and magical movies. Recently we got the cast of this massive franchise coming together to talk about their movies. There were a lot of technicalities involved in bringing these narratives to the screen and we are lucky to have witnessed them. But bringing these massive projects to the screen had to have some complications and disagreements with the cast of the movie. Let’s take a look at some scenes from Harry Potter that the cast found really difficult to film.

Harry, Ron, & Hermione Jumping Off The Dragon Into The Lake – Rupert Grint

A particular scene following the break into Gringotts had the trio on the back of a dragon. After escaping, they are forced to abandon the ride after a while and jump into the depths of a lake. Shooting this scene was quite a painful experience because the trio had to execute this scene multiple times. Rupert Grint actually suffered the most of the three because the cold had almost led to his heart stopping to beat.


Harry’s Detention Under Professor Umbridge – Imelda Staunton

A rather essential part of the narrative was the character of Professor Dolores Umbridge. She has to be the worst teacher that Harry Potter had to encounter in the narrative of the movies. Her character catches the Order of the Phoenix and she realizes that she has to take some action against them. During a particular argument with Harry Potter, she feels like taking certain actions against the Boy Who Lived. In a rather unpleasant scene, we see Harry forced to write with his own blood as a punishment. Even though playing that character was a wonderful experience for the actress, she felt that this scene went a bit too far.


Cedric Diggory’s Death – Robert Pattinson

The Harry Potter movies had quite a simple tone in the earlier movies and the same was supposed to be the case. But things took a dark turn with the death of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Robert Pattinson‘s character is killed off in a very small moment by Wormtail who was Voldemort’s servant. When Wormtail hits him with the Killing Curse he is actually launched away creating a certain coiling effect. To execute this scene, he had to wear some wire that was wrapped around his groin area. The actor had to experience a lot of pain after doing the scene quite a few times until the filmmakers were satisfied.


Harry Slides And Falls Off – Daniel Radcliffe

Scenes from Harry Potter

One of the most exciting moments from Goblet of Fire has to be when Harry confronts the dragon. The Hungarian Horntail was a massive dragon and it had explosive firepower. We get to see Harry being chased by the dragons as he tries to use his broomstick to get ahead of him. One of the scenes had him fall off a castle. Though the scene was shot under different circumstances, the actors still had a high fall. According to Daniel Radcliffe, “I was on a wire. I fell forty feet…very fast – that was really really terrifying, and I’m not afraid to admit that.”


Quidditch Matches – Daniel Radcliffe & Rupert Grint

Who doesn’t remember the awesome and brilliant way in which the Quidditch marches were played in the movies? It actually ended up being one of the most interesting parts of the wizarding world. While it looked absolutely awesome, we can be sure that it wasn’t easy to film them because of the complicated process behind them. Sitting on the broomstick for hours on end had to be a literal pain in the backside. Daniel Radcliffe was actually glad when he had to finally hang up the broomstick for one final time. Ruper Grint’s character got on the broomstick quite later in the franchise and he still hated the experience. He ended up getting hit on the face with a Quaffle during a training session.


Ron And Hermione’s Kiss – Emma Watson

We get to Ron and Hermione coming together in the final film of the franchise. In a very massive moment, following the destruction of a Horcrux in the Chamber of Secrets the duo share their very first kiss. While fans might have had different views about it, the actors didn’t feel the same. They felt very wrong in doing that scene because they had known each other since they were children. According to Emma Watson, “It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever had to do…It just felt like incest. That’s the only way I can describe it.”


Aragog’s Lair – Rupert Grint

No one will disagree that Rupert Grint was the perfect choice for taking on the role of Ron Weasley. The character was able to perfectly nail the comedic as well as the dramatic moments associated with him. One particular thing perfectly fit with his character and that was the arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. This led to a serious problem considering one of the spiders in The Chamber of Secrets was an animatronic model. That ended up being one of the biggest nightmares turned true for the actor.


Hermione’s Arrival At The Yule Ball – Emma Watson

Scenes from Harry Potter

Right after the First Task in The Goblet of Fire, Hermione manages to get a chance to dance with Viktor Krum. This leads to one of the most beautiful scenes where we see her making her way to the Great Hall. But the director absolutely didn’t enjoy shooting the scene. With a lot of importance in the scene, the actress ended up falling down the stairs one time during the shoot.


The Great Hall Feasts – Warwick Davis

The Great Hall is actually one of the most essential parts of the Harry Potter movies. It is here we always get to witness the characters reunite almost every year. We are aware of how delightful this scene used to be with wonderful design and the awesome feasts of delicacies set in front of them. The cast was even asked to eat some of this food but after a certain while, a lot of this food would start rotting. According to Warwick Davis, after a certain while, a terrible odor would start coming from the Great Hall. He would be able to get this stench just when he would set his foot on the sets of the movies.


The Room of Requirements Defense Lessons – James & Oliver Phelps

Harry Potter leads the new Order of the Phoenix by practicing the spells with the rest of the students. They make the Room of Requirements the place where they would practice their spells. This room is actually of much intrigue to the fans of the franchise because it has some of the elements that make for an interesting watch for the fans. But filming the scenes for the movie actually was a terrible experience for the actors involved. According to the Phelps twins, the room had high temperatures because of the various fireplaces set all around. It was made worse by the fact that the cast had to wear jumpers while filming these scenes from Harry Potter.

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