15 Things In Deadpool 2 We Bet You Totally Missed!!!

Deadpool 2 is here guys!!! And the fourth wall breaking mercenary with a mouth as sharp as his swords is at it again. Deadpool 2 has the action, the drama and the plot to back it up as one of the best superhero movies of this year. It will most certainly be a blockbuster. While the movie just hit the screens a while ago, fans have been flocking to the theaters to watch it. For those of you who have watched it, we present 15 Things in Deadpool 2 we bet you totally missed!!!

SPOILER ALERT: Major Deadpool 2 spoilers up ahead…

Brad Pitt is in Deadpool 2!!

Brad Pitt is a popular Hollywood star almost everyone on this planet knows. Brad Pitt appears as the Vanisher in Deadpool 2. He is the Invisible guy who joins the X-Force only to be electrocuted to death later.

Deadpool’s MCU reference

Remember when Deadpool dies, he says – “The Sun’s getting real low”? That was a line from Age of Ultron, used by Black Widow to try and make the Hulk come back. There are also other references like ‘Brown Panther’ and multiple references to Winter Soldier’s bionic arm. He even calls Cable Thanos in the climax.

Hugh Jackman’ Les Miserables reference

When Deadpool uses crayons and a kiddy cartoon picture while explaining his plan to the team, Russell is designated in the map as “Prisoner 24601”. Prisoner 24601 is the character played by Hugh Jackman in the Oscar Winning movie Les Miserables.

Juggernaut is Professor X’s brother

Russell finds out in the movie that Juggernaut’s brother tries to read his mind every now and then without his permission. Juggernaut claims his brother is in a wheelchair so its “Even Steven”. Guess who’s in a wheelchair??

The rest of the X-Men are there in the X-Mansion

Deadpool finds it a bit strange that the mainstream X-Men are absent. The original X-Men of Professor X, Beast and the rest of the new generation are shown in the background before Beast slides the door shut.

The Director makes a cameo

David Leitch also happens to star in Deadpool 2 as an actor. David is one of the prisoners held in the mobile cells in the truck convoy that Cable disengages as his character goes plummeting to his death.

The Music Box from Logan

Deadpool literally starts with an awesome Easter egg. The music box that Deadpool plays right when the movie begins is a clear reference to Wolverine’s death in Logan.

Cable’s Daughter

Cable’s Daughter from the future timeline is a big deal in the comic books. In the future, Hope Summers is called the ‘Mutant Messiah’ and she will lead mutant-kind to victory against oppression. Let’s see what future the X-Force movie holds for her.

Alpha Flight Easter egg

Alpha Flight is the government-sanctioned Superhero team of Canada. Wolverine was one part of the group. Dopinder’s Taxi roof holds an advertisement that says ALPHA Flight in clear letters.

The Cure for Blindness

Deadpool says to Al in the first movie that he had the cure to her blindness stashed under her own house all along. The sequel shows Deadpool pillaging the floor to reveal bags of drugs and money along with the Cure still there, intact.

The Orphanage Russell was in has an interesting name


The orphanage is called the “Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation” by a news reporter in the movie. The Essex Corporation belongs to Mr. Sinister, a very popular Marvel Villain. Essex Corp was also the one that gave Wade Wilson his superpowers in the first movie.

Van Wilder Reference

The song “All Out of Love” pops its head more than once in the movie. The song was the feature song of another blockbuster film – Van Wilder, which also starred Ryan Reynolds in the lead role.

The Pinocchio reference


In the movie, the X-Force member called Zeitgeist dies an exceptionally horrifying death. He is literally chipped down by a Woodchipper. The Woodchipper is titled Geppetto. Geppetto was the carpenter that created Pinocchio in the fairy tale story.

M-Day is coming

In the comics, M-Day is the day when almost 90% of mutants lost their powers due to Scarlet Witch’s actions. The resulting Mutant war killed millions of people. It was in this war that Hope Summers became the mutant savior. The slogans inside the orphanage point to this fact. One of the slogans even says it directly – M-DAY IS NEAR.

Who is Yukio?

The newest X-Man to feature in Deadpool 2 was the nysterious Yukio. She has electricity manipulation powers and her ethnicity also point to one character in the comic books that fits the bill. Yukio is Surge, a longtime member of the X-Men.

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