5 Superheroes Who Are Most Likely To Die Fighting Thanos

If the highly awaited Marvel film Avengers: Infinity War is truly based on the comics, there sure is a lot of death that will happen, even in the comics a lot of superheroes sacrifice themselves fighting Thanos. Here’s a list of some of the characters who we feel are not gonna make it after Infinity War.

Iron Man

Ever since Iron Man went into that portal, he’s been having visions of an alien invasion, courtesy of Thanos. Everything he’s done since is to make things right after that, be it creating Ultron, or signing the Sokovia Accord. So it would only be fitting to see Iron Man meet his end while fighting Thanos.

Captain America

It’s quite a huge probability that Cap would have a face off with Thanos, just like in the comics. And we all can imagine how that would end, But sure Steve Roger’s death won’t mean the death of Captain America, as there are much more who could take up the mantle. Falcon, being the number one candidate.


Vision was brought to life by the Soul gem, which now is responsible for powering him. In order for Thanos to complete his Infinity Gauntlet, he would need that gem, which would be the end of Vision.

Drax- The Destroyer

Anyone can clearly tell that Drax ha a serious bloodlust for Thanos, as well, he keeps on ranting all the time about how much he wants to kill him for killing his wife and child.



Thor is the most informed member of the Avengers when it comes to intergalactic matters, so he’d be a key player in this film. Not only that, he is also seen go toe to toe with Thanos in the comics, which well, didn’t go well for him, so yes we can have an idea how it would go in the films too.

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Let us know in the comments below, who all do you think will fall, fighting the Mad Titan!

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