Arrow: 5 People Whose Mission Has Been to Take Down Star City

In the previous season, Oliver Queen said to Flash “Star city is not like Central city where villains have cute nick-names”. It’s a dark, brooding city which is rife with blood, corruption, and civil strife. In the latest episode, another formidable villain got added to the list of men who want to take down the great Star city. His name is “The Calculator” and he is apparently Felicity’s father.

Following is the list of people who have always wanted to wipe off Star city entirely:

The Calculator

He is a tech warrior, almost a nemesis of Felicity Smoak as well as her father. He found out the whereabouts of Roy Harper, threatened him of revealing his true identity to the world, made him steal a capacitor and a network mapper, which if combined can help build a “Web Nuke” capable of killing thousands of people.


Damien Darhk

He is a self-confessed agent of chaos, but he is no Joker. He is methodical, has rules and schemes to implement his diabolical plans. He told his wife in the last episode that he will fulfill his promise of giving a city a “new beginning”.

Ra’s Ahl Gul

The previous heir to the demon who was stabbed by Al-Sahim/Arrow in the last season always talked about cleansing the Star city off its sins, as it cannot be redeemed of its fault-lines.

Slade Wilson

Deathstroke/Slade Wilson came to Starling city to avenge the death of Shadow (who was hallucinated by Oliver in the latest episode) with his Mirakuru soldiers, compelling Team Arrow to take the League’s assistance (particularly Nysa Al Gul) to neutralize the threat.

Malcolm Merlyn

Technically speaking, Malcolm Merlyn too attempted to destroy Star city as part of “the Undertaking”, but he was only interested in the destruction of “The Glades”, a segregated cluster for those who are living in the fringes of the city.


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