Social Media Anxiety Disorder

As Technology sweeps us clean with its undeniable boon, it equally promises some drawbacks which a majority of us may be susceptible to.

I flicked through the pages of the morning newspaper when my eyeballs were tempted to drill deep into a fresh topic with a word Social Media Anxiety Disorder. Few months ago I read about  something called FOMO aka Fearing Of Missing Out.

To brief, the two terms are however self-explanatory disorders, they owe their origin to the rostrum of social media,the virtual fabric that weaves us together.

Read further to know how it is affecting you.

Social Media acts not just as a platform to connect with our near and dear ones but brings into the fold some unheard and unimaginable woes that we may have dived  to be a part of unknowingly.

How many times have you been lured to check the status or display picture of your social circle friends on Whatsapp or say, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? For the ones whose answer is as and when he/she gets time or every other hour or so ,are already in the grips of Social Media Anxiety Disorder.

Some of you might plan a holiday trip because people in our social circle just been to a new place and updated their social media account with pictures flooding and exuding every feeling they might have experienced at the spot oblivious to the soaring envy caused to you while you scroll down their pictures.

Some may decide to dine at a new restaurant because so and so person posted Happy Dining at that place.

Likewise, we go gaga over what we witness in the shrunken tiny intertwined virtual world we live constantly in touch with.

In fact, it is wondered whether we are at social media’s beck and call.

We fear the social exclusion from our social circle that takes a toll on us psychologically.

The conclusion is, let us be confined by only the boon of social media for interaction and wider reach and not get driven by the terms and conditions in the form of increased anxiety for what’s true will be true and what’s shame appears on the face of it!

Ruchika Bhatia

A student of commerce by choice ,she is an ardent admirer of Nature and loves contemplating on the mysterious stories it binds everything with . She would be worse off and as miserable as sin sans reading . Non- fiction fascinates her . For her ,Writing is a persuasion of her long cherished passion . Strong Believer of the maxim that a pen is mightier than a sword .Wishes to be globetrotter one day .
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