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  • CelebsCelebrities Were Compelled To Apologize On Social Media

    10 Times Celebrities Were Compelled To Apologize On Social Media

    Social media is a tricky platform especially when you are a celebrity. Celebs are followed by millions of people from various backgrounds, upbringings, cast, society with different views. You never know when a tiny thing that’s insignificant to you could be a sensitive subject for someone else. Therefore, popular people often get in trouble. Clearly, social media is a blessing…

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  • Technology

    7 Ways You Can Protect Your Privacy on Social Media

    Our social lives experienced a great jump in the last decade. These sites are connected to our everyday lives. These accounts help us get in touch with our friends and family, especially when you are living far away.  But this also opens up with major privacy concerns. It depends on how strong our privacy setting is, unawareness of this can…

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  • HollywoodCelebrities With Fake Followers

    Celebrities Who Were Found With Fake Followers on Social Media

    Celebrities With Fake Followers: The advent of social media has its pros and cons. No doubt that it provides a platform to connect brands and celebs with their audience and fans, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to meet the desired results. The fierce competition has compelled some influencers and celebs to fall into the trap of getting fake…

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  • Hollywood

    Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Not on Instagram

    Celebrities Not on Instagram: In a digitalized world, Instagram is considered as one of the topmost used social media channels used by most of the people. Many celebs have tapped on to this opportunity to connect with their fans and take their PR one notch up. While everyone is busy sharing their “perfect” lives with millions of fans, there are…

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  • Celebs

    Hollywood Celebs Who Were Slammed by Fans on Social Media

    Celebs Slammed By Fans on Social Media: Fame is like a double-edged sword. If it can shoot up with one performance, it can also plummet in a second if you don’t watch your actions and words. Being known to the world is both a blessing and a curse. One can never tell how one’s words can be perceived by such…

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  • CelebsFacebook

    The Facebook Experiment : An 11-Month Break

    Facebook in its essence is the mother/father/god of social networking sites. Almost every person has their profile on facebook. I joined this site in 2013 (yes pretty late I know, but that’s what you get when you have strict parents). Needless to say, it slowly grew on me. I started adding people from school, college, and coaching classes. It was…

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  • News

    Social Media Anxiety Disorder

    As Technology sweeps us clean with its undeniable boon, it equally promises some drawbacks which a majority of us may be susceptible to. I flicked through the pages of the morning newspaper when my eyeballs were tempted to drill deep into a fresh topic with a word Social Media Anxiety Disorder. Few months ago I read about  something called FOMO…

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