12 Most Awaited Sci-Fi Movies of 2017

2017 has a pretty awesome line-up of Sci-Fi movies. The year is filled with superheroes, robots, giant robots, and machinery. It is kind of a dream come true to all you folks that we have an interesting line of movies this year. So, without any further delay, we bring you 12 most anticipated Sci-Fi movies of 2017.

1. War For The Planet Of The Apes

Unlike the other parts, this time Caesar along with his colony of apes gets into a war in opposition to the army of humans, which is led by Colonel. The movie is set to be released on July 14, 2017.

2. Thor: Ragnarok


So this third movie of our most favorite Asgardian and hammer-wielding superhero, Thor, is one of the most awaited movies from the Marvel Studios. The movie is set to hit the big screens on November 3, 2017. 

3.  Alien: Covenant

In the movie, a crew travels towards a remote planet far away from the galaxy. The crew travels in their colony ship called Covenant and they come across what they thought it as an undiscovered heavenly place. It turned out that a remote planet is a hell place full of aliens. The movie is set to be hit theaters on May 19, 2017.

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