Theory: WandaVision Sets Up The Arrival of Doctor Doom

WandaVision Episode 5 Spoilers Ahead:

WandaVision, currently streaming on Disney+, has switched its speed and is now pulling out all stops. The opening three episodes of WandaVision season 1 followed the residents of Westview as their sitcom-Esque lives played out through the 1950s to1980s, and episode 5 directly leads into the concept of multiverses. One of the big questions still remaining is why Westview is trapped in an old American sitcom. Why not simply create a utopian paradise without the corny gags and canned laughter? This is one of many anomalies that suggest Wanda isn’t responsible for an alternate reality.

We already know that episode 5 of WandaVision broke all barriers, and ended up featuring a character from an entirely different franchise, that is Evan Peters from the X-Men franchise, playing Quicksilver – Wanda’s twin brother. Originally, if we follow Marvel’s timeline, Wanda’s twin brother Pietro was killed by Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But it is believed that WandaVision can end up introducing the Fantastic Four, or even Doctor Doom.

Originally, Doctor Doom is an adversary of the Fantastic Four, and the arch-rival of Mister Fantastic, but eventually Doctor Doom went on to play a bigger role. A master of both science and sorcery, Doom frequently butted heads with both Iron Man and Doctor Strange and challenged the latter for the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

Villain in Black Panther 2

He has also acted as an ally and an opponent of Black Panther on the world stage, in his role as the ruler of the nation of Latveria. Despite often assuming an adversarial role against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Doom possesses a unique code of honor and has played the hero when the fate of the world required it.

WandaVision Set Up The Origin of Doctor Doom

Perhaps the single greatest bit of evidence that Doom will make an appearance in WandaVision lies in a Tweet that mentioned the show and the Capital city of Doom’s nation of Latveria. ComicBook reported that actress Sheila Knox had Tweeted that she was cutting her vacation short due to having been cast in an episode of WandaVision. The Tweet ended with the words “Doomstadt! In Helen!” It is believed to be a reference to the town of Helen, Georgia; a small town famous for its traditional Bavarian architecture. 

WandaVision Sets Up Doctor Doom

Let’s dive into the comics that lead into the relationship between WandaVision and Doom. In the Avengers: Disassembled and House of M storylines, Scarlet Witch’s powers were responsible for killing three Avengers (including Vision) and removing the powers of 99.9% of Earth’s mutants, due to Wanda becoming emotionally unstable following the death of her two children she magically wished into existence with Vision. What happened to her after she said, “No More Mutants,” and reality was rewritten was unclear beyond a parting shot showing her in an Eastern European marketplace. Wherever Wanda went, she was still a wanted fugitive due to the damage she had done, much like how she became a fugitive after the events of Captain America: Civil War in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Following this, Wanda’s fate was revealed in the Young Avengers miniseries Children’s Crusade, when the hero Wiccan (who was the reincarnation of Wanda’s son, Billy) went searching for Wanda after inheriting her unstable, reality-altering powers. Wiccan and his teammates discovered that an amnesiac Scarlet Witch had come to live in Doom’s nation of Latveria and had, in secret, become his fiancée and moved into his castle. When confronted on this point, Doom explained to the skeptical teens that Wanda had come before him to petition for his aid in caring for the Roma families that took her in. Doom recognized her instantly and also recognized she was in a state of shock. Knowing of the conflict between the X-Men and Avengers that had erupted over how to handle Wanda and how that conflict ended in the House of M fiasco, Doom concluded the best thing for everyone would be for him to try and treat Wanda’s trauma privately; an action which apparently led to the two falling in love with one another over the long months spent together in Doom’s castle.

WandaVision Sets Up Doctor Doom

Wanda did recover her memories and full control of her powers, which were revealed to have been temporarily increased after she sought Doom’s help in resurrecting her children before Avengers: Disassembled. The two had attempted to tap the essence of Life itself, only for the power to bind itself to Wanda and increase her powers to the point that she could alter reality. Unfortunately, the power drove her mad. Once Doctor Doom had Wanda’s full cooperation and trust, he was able to safely drain this power from her, restoring Wanda’s mind and her previous power level. Sadly, their romance faltered after the power attached itself to Doom and he refused to give it up when Wanda expressed her fears that he might develop the same madness that pushed her over the edge.

WandaVision Sets Up Doctor Doom

Given the vast array of power available to Doctor Doom, there are many ways he can be brought into the story of WandaVision. While it has been suggested the Doctor Strange might be the teased surprise cameo who breaks Wanda out of her fantasy world, Doom would also have the power to do this.  It’s also possible, given Wanda’s status as a terrorist in the eyes of SWORD and Doom’s general attitude towards the American government, that he might seek her out as a ruler protecting someone he sees as one of his subjects or as a possible recruit for the MCU’s Masters of Evil. With Doctor Doom, many things are likely and nearly anything is possible.

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