Wolverine Vs The Hulk : What The EPIC Battle Could Have Been

As anticipation builds for the last Wolverine film, “Logan,” the film has been actively keeping itself on every fan’s lips with their posts on social media. The movie has been said to be based off the popular Old Man Logan storylines. The trailer told another story of what the movie would be like.


Traces of Old Man Logan can be seen in the location which sees an old western tone to the film. The biggest difference with the comics comes in the absence of other Marvel characters. As Wolverine is a property of Fox, it’s doubtful that a collaboration would ever happen with Marvel, given their bad history. Characters like Red Skull, Hawkeye, and The Hulk are all properties of the MCU.


This has not stopped artist George Evangelista from imagining a realistic art of a fight between Wolverine and The Hulk. Evangelista posted his piece on his Twitter account with that showcased the fanboy in him. ” I finished this today. Watched the #LoganMovie trailer a few times while creating this. #OldManLogan #Hulk #MarvelComics #MCU #Wolverine”

hulk wolverine

In the comics, Wolverine is one of the few surviving heroes in a post-apocalyptic world. The Hulk is also another hero who has survived. Their future selves are a complete opposite of what fans might have been familiar with. Wolverine has a family, giving up his title of Wolverine after he murdered the entire X-Men. The Hulk has become a vicious killer who procreated with She-Hulk that resulted in his many Hulk children and grandchildren. Hulk and Wolverine have a history of butting heads in the Marvel comics, and that did not change in Old Man Logan. Both kill each other’s extended families in retaliation for past actions in the comics.


The most epic battle resulted in Wolverine being killed and eaten by The Hulk, but given the legal restrictions, it’s doubtful that would ever come to the screen. Evangelista’s depiction of the fight is one that many fans would have loved to see on the big screen, but unfortunately, for now, one that they might only see in art or in their fan fiction.

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