5 Things We Want To See In The New Batman Movie

Since Ben Affleck has confirmed that he is working on a script for the new Batman movie, we cannot help but speculate and contemplate what will be coming into the cinemas in 2018. Here are five things we expect from the new Batman movie:

A Detective Story


Batman has been “The World’s Greatest Detective” since his first introduction and for good reason. The Caped Crusader has cracked cases that even the Gotham police cannot solve along with capturing supervillains. Ben Affleck’s filmography has many thrillers and crime stories, Gone Baby Gone and Argo. He will hopefully give fans a B-man never seen on screen before.

The Appearance Of More Bat-Family Supporting Characters

Batman Vs Superman showed an older, more jaded B-man. In the comics, the older Batman had supporting characters to do the vigilante work in Gotham. We hope to see Red Hood a.k.a Jason Todd (since its implied Robin has been murdered) and Batgirl. Even a Bat-Woman would be a left of center move if it was possible.

More Graphic Action


Batman Vs Superman introduced a very violent Batman. It is only natural that we expect more action of that nature that seems to go hand in hand with the older B-man. With Deathstroke as the supervillain, we expect some insane action and fight sequences.

Cool Weapons And Vehicles


He is known for his interesting weapons that seem to all fit in his utility. He also has been known to have a super-advanced, super high tech mobile or bike or plane….you get the drift. We expect some cool looking, high tech gear and vehicles for the Caped Crusader.

The Appearance Of More Super Villains


Although Deathstroke has been confirmed to be the supervillain, we still hold a torch for a Joker cameo or even a Harley Quinn cameo since Cinematic Universes seem to all be linked these days.

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