Deadpool 3 Will Not be a Total Reboot as This OG Cast Member is Returning

The MCU is getting bigger and bigger with a vast variety of characters set to join the franchise. There are a lot of characters that the fans are really hyped to see make their MCU debut amongst the roster of other characters who will be appearing. The Fox merger will allow for some of the greatest Marvel characters from there to make their debut in the ongoing franchise. While it is being assumed that the X-Men will have a reboot in the MCU when they make their debut but one mutant will be reprised by the very same actor. Ryan Reynolds will be returning in the role of Deadpool for the third entry to his franchise and we recently got a confirmation on the director. Ryan Reynolds has teased the very first character from the Deadpool movies who will return in Deadpool 3.

Deadpool 3

For a long time, there was much confusion regarding the status of the Deadpool movies under Fox. Fans were wondering whether we would get to see another entry into the movies that will feature Ryan Reynolds as the merc-with-the-mouth. When the Fox-Disney deal happened, all the other Fox Marvel projects were stopped and the same happened to the third entry to the Deadpool movies. Even though the movies didn’t really have many links with the X-Men movies, there was a tease in Deadpool 2 where the other younger version of the X-Men character appear for a cameo.


But later, Kevin Feige would end up confirming that the character will soon make its debut in the MCU. Not only that but the movie will have the same tone and R-rating as the previous movies and Ryan Reynolds will be returning to play the character. This led fans to hype about when they would be able to see this come true considering the MCU already has a lot of projects lined up. But a major update came regarding this project earlier this month when Ryan Reynolds revealed that his collaborator for the past few movies Shawn Levy will be directing Deadpool 3. This cast a major positive response regarding the movie and now the actor has also confirmed another actor who will be returning for the movie.


Leslie Uggams Will Reprise Her Role In DP 3!!!


Ryan Reynolds is so far the only major actor set to return for the movie even though Morena Baccarin and Zazie Beetz who played Vanessa and Domino have shown their interest in the movie. Recently, Leslie Uggams tweeted praise for Reynolds’ latest movie The Adam Project from Netflix. In the same tweet, she also mentioned her excitement for what the actor & director duo have in plans for Deadpool 3. She had tweeted:

5⭐️for this wonderful film! #Deadpool pal @VancityReynolds has done it again, exploring the father/son relationship as a timeless force. There’s a lovely homage to #FieldOfDreams too. ⚾️
Director @ShawnLevyDirect is now attached to the upcoming #Deadpool3, too. Should be great!😎


In response to this tweet, Reynolds thanked her and added, “See you soon” along with three swordfight emojis. This could be a very nice tease to the chance that Leslie Uggams will be reprising her role as Blind Al in Deadpool 3. The idea that she will be returning for the role could mean that the third entry to the Deadpool movies might not be a reboot after all and it could be a continuation of the ongoing arc. It would be really exciting to see how MCU manages to bring the character of Deadpool over to the franchise without making it a reboot. Maybe Doctor Strange will have the answer to that!!!


Deadpool 3

Blind Al paved the way for some of the most fun moments in the Deadpool movies. Wade first comes across her when he is trying to wash the blood off from one of his very early costumes and she suggests he get a red costume instead. We discover that she is actually his roommate and the relationship between the two actually makes for some of the most exciting moments in the movie. It would be interesting to see what her character gets to do now and it would be really fun if we get to see her have some action moments in Deadpool 3.

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