6 Questions to Ponder Over When Watching The Vampire Diaries Mid-season Finale


The Vampire Diaries went on hiatus past week and will return on January 29th next year. In the meantime, the midseason finale and the trailer for the next episode have teased just enough for us to spend the downtime obsessing and theorizing what might happen in Mystic Falls when the series does return.


What does the Phoenix Stone hold for Stefan and Damon?

The midseason finale ending raised the biggest question of all. We got a peek of Damon’s personal Civil war hell that the Stone puts him in. For Stefan, the picture was left rather unclear but we can theorize about it leading to the mystery hunter we’ve been seeing in the flash-forwards. Needless to say, we are curious to see an entirely undiscovered side of the brothers’ lives.

How do Stefan and Valerie ended up together in the future?

Steroline hearts are breaking worldwide and we have all hiatus to figure out how it all ended, although there’s a strong suspicion that it had something to do with the awkward mystical pregnancy with Jo and Alaric’s twins and the mysterious hunter.

What lies in Julian’s future?

Having exacted his revenge on Damon, Julian must have his next move all mapped out, even if it is just pining for his lost love over dead, blood-drained Santas and unlimited booze. Also, what was that about him going back to who he was before Lily?

P.S. The teaser trailer for the next episode shows a menacing Julian who’s kidnapped Stefan’s body. Do we sense a new big bad villain in town?

Can control-freak Caroline control pregnancy?

The episode showed Caroline really struggle to keep a hold on her emotions: her anger, bloodlust, fears and insecurities, things which come almost too easily to her. Things escalated to the point where she vamped out on Alaric and ended up in near-tears at her mother’s grave. Can she overpower her urges or will the hormones get the best of her?

What’s next for the Heretics?

Mary Louise clearly sided with Julian while Nora dramatically changed sides in the episode by sending Stefan’s soul into the Phoenix Stone. It remains to be seen where Bo’s allegiance will lie and what all of their next moves will be. Will Mary Louise and Nora reunite? Will they stand against Valerie, knowing what Julian did to her?

Will Bonnie be magic-less again?

Nora also drained Bonnie of all her magic as revenge for Stefan and Valerie kidnapping Mary Louise. How will Bonnie protect her friends against vampire-witch hybrids without any magic? Also, does this mean and end to the episode-old friendship between her and Nora? Because we were really enjoying the bonding moments and girl-power lessons.

The Vampire Diaries returns on the CW Network on January 29, 2016

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