10 Must Have Earrings In Your Jewelry Box

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – A quote often used to describe a woman’s desire. Quite true, every woman wants to wear the most expensive jewelry and the diamond is the king of all jewels. But, no one on this earth is satisfied with whatever they have. They keep craving for more and more.

Oh yes, a woman wants everything which make them look perfect. Every lady was once asked this question in her lifetime “Are you not well today?”  She smiled back and answered “No, I am fine just not wearing my kohl today.”

Ladies want to dress the best, look the best, even in the simplest possible way. Even if they don’t have diamonds in their collection, they don’t get disheartened. There is always a substitute in a woman’s life.

This article brings you to the smaller version of the earrings world. It is a piece of jewellery which has been a part of day to day life of a woman. The use of earring dates back to the ancient Egyptian era to Sila period of the 6th century (Korea).

It emerged as a tradition in some parts of the world and some adapted it as the most happening fashion statement. Across the globe, both genders have been wearing this piece of jewelry for centuries.

Here is my list of must have earrings in your jewelry collection, which are very affordable

Hand-crafted Silver earrings


The piece of earring defines the woman in a distinct way. The most famous hand-crafted silver earrings come from the “Pink City” of India- Jaipur. It gives a traditional touch to the woman. It is also available in the special minakari work blended with some other materials such as pearls and gold.

Pearl earrings


The pearl earrings are the most sophisticated earrings flaunted by woman. The politicians, actresses from Bollywood and even Hollywood have been wearing these earrings. The areas near to the sea-shore have been engaged in making jewellery from the sea pearls. Some of the famous places in India for the pearls are Hyderabad, Mumbai, Puri, etc.

Jute earrings


You must have seen jute gunny bags filled with vegetables and grains. The artists in Bengal have given a new definition to their jute cultivation. Breaking the tradition of preparation of ropes, jute bags, the talented bunch in Bengal started the preparation of jute jewellery. The light weight earrings are available in trendy and traditional form with great finish. It is one of the cheapest jewellery existing for woman.


Terracotta earrings


Terracotta, fired clay had been widely used for the preparation of models and other sculptures. The art students mould the fired clay into the fashion statement. In olden day, terracotta existed as unglazed material. But, today it is painted into different art form; one of form exists as terracotta earrings.

Seashells earrings


The sea shells are the most beautiful gift the ocean has given us. The villagers residing near the sea shores started collecting the sea shells at the shores. This was the beginning to the sea-shell jewellery making. It is one of the famous forms of jewellery coming from the sea bed.

Thread earrings


Thread is not only for stitching clothes, this form of jewellery announced it clearly. The earrings made from the colourful threads match with the traditional dresses and can be worn to office with sophistication.

Glass earrings


From the world of glass, we have the quirky form of jewellery. The glass is used for the jewellery making. Different coloured glasses are used to make the earrings. It is a very common kind of earring which is available almost everywhere.
Bamboo earrings


The bamboo has been used for the preparation of furniture, toys, coasters, etc. But, one of the bamboo fair in India changed my prospection about the use of bamboo. It was amazing to know that it can be used in jewellery making as well. The cost of the earring would tempt you to buy the full shop collection at a single go.

Earrings made out of waste material


Some of the artists around the world have been engaged in recycling the waste materials. The different types of waste materials can be used in the most fashionable forms. There are tutorials available online to make people aware of the uses of the wastes at home.

Paper quilling earrings


The recent revolution that has hit the world of fashion is the paper quilling technique. The jewellery prepared by merely rolling strips of coloured paper is beyond imagination. The elegancy is best defined; it looks great with proper hand-finish. It gives you ease of buying online or making your own collection at home with the tutorial classes online.

I hope you enjoyed this collection from my jewellery box, suggestions are welcomed for any other unique earring that I may have missed from my end.

Happy shopping!

Nidhi Srivastava

Reader, Travel blogger and a Budding writer. She lives with a dream of becoming a world renowned writer one day.
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