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A Thor Variant Makes A Cameo In Loki Episode 5, Journey Into Mystery

Did you spot him??

Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery,” was just released on Disney+ and it comes with a lot of good moments. Moreover, Loki’s character development that we’ve been seeing since episode 1 was finally seen in action. The episode has finally set Loki, Sylvie, and the viewers on the right direction to the entity behind the TVA. Now, considering the nature of Marvel projects, there’s always room for a callback. Plus, these callbacks are usually from a statement that passes by the viewers. Previously on Loki, we got way too referenced to Thor: Ragnarok. But it looks like there’s one more! A Thor Variant makes a cameo in Loki episode 5.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead For Loki Episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery.”

A Thor Variant Makes A Cameo In Loki

In Thor: Ragnarok, we saw a little play when Loki disguised himself as Odin and ruled Asgard for a brief period of time. During this play, Fake Loki (Matt Damon) apologized to Thor for turning him into a frog when they were kids. Well, Loki episode 5 seems to have referenced this particular event that happened in the lives of Thor and Loki. After Lady Sif, we get an actual Thor cameo that none of us really expected.

In episode 5, when Loki and other variants (Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, Old Loki, and Gator Loki) enter Kid Loki’s Kingdom, Throg could be easily spotted. But it is a blink-and-miss moment. As Loki goes underground, we could first spot a Mjolnir. But there’s someone who’s reaching for it, and that’s Throg. Obviously, he’s not able to reach for it, despite being worthy.

As mentioned by Fake (Damon) Loki, the God of Mischief turned him into a frog. So maybe Throg did something in his timeline that wasn’t supposed to happen, hence welcoming the TVA. Further, he was locked inside the jar and it looks like he got pruned alongside the jar and Mjolnir too. It’s a classic “Frog in a jar” joke. Only this time, it is Throg in a jar! It’s doubtful that we’ll see Throg again in the MCU. But still, this little cameo from a Thor variant was quite amazing.

Frog Thor made his first appearance in Thor #364 where he wielded the Frogjolnir. Thor becoming a frog is also mentioned in Thor: Dark World, where Loki boasts about transforming the God of Thunder into one. And then again in Ragnarok. And if not Thor, the chances are that he is Puddlegulp/Simon Walterson, a human who was cursed into becoming a frog by a mystic.

Now let’s see if any other Variants of Thor will show up in the MCU. Loki is streaming on Disney+, with only one episode left to go before the show concludes.

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