10 Superpowers You Need To Win Over Your Crush In Bed

Superheroes have a variety of powers that they use to their advantages. Some are physically very strong, some are fast, some possess telekinesis, while others have many other different and awesome superpowers. What is unique about some of these superpowers is that these can be used very well in bed as well! Here is a list of most gratifying superpowers in the bedroom.

Storm’s Weather Control

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This particular mutant has the superpowers to manipulate weather and control it. Since all of these are connected to her emotions, imagine the insanity of trying to be romantically involved with someone who, in a moment of passion, created a series of lightning bolts, or a flash flood. Her body temperature would start to compensate for whatever environmental changes were occurring, while yours would remain the same. Talk about “feeling the earth move”.

Loki’s Illusions

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The God of Mischief has a lot of nefarious tricks up his sleeve and can deceive any one to do anything. He has various ways to turn a situation into his own advantage and if that advantage is particularly sexual, then the one who is dealing with him is up for a sweet treat or something really horrific. He is the master at the art of deception and illusions and also has the ability to shape shift. So, that can be used very well in bed.

Poison Ivy’s Control over plants

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Sure, it’s well known that Poison Ivy has the ability to cast hypnotic “love spells” of sorts with the use of pheromones and that she can manipulate plants to do her bidding. She’ll shower you with rose petals, tie you up with vines, and tickle you with bottle brushes. If she is on your side then you are in for ultimate pleasure.

Mystique’s Shape Shifting


Well, this is probably the best power to have if you have a crush on someone. You can shape ship into anyone your crush likes and have your ways. This way can actually keep both individuals involved happy.

Spider-Man’s Webbing

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Peter Parker can do a lot of crazy things with that stringy stuff that shoots out of him, and who hasn’t wondered how it could be used in the bedroom? One version of him has organic webbing which shoots directly from his wrists and he does not need any web-shooters, so he can really use that quick webbing to his advantage in order to tease his partner(s).

Mr. Fantastic’s Malleability

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Mr. Fantastic can stretch to almost any extent. His abilities could be really amazing in bed as he can do stuff like wrapping himself around you several times, making his fingers and something else incredibly long, and he also has the ability to change his facial expressions, which can be used very well to light up the mood if you like foreplay.

Sue Storm’s Invisibility

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Being Invisible is one of the best powers, but it can also be misused to take certain advantages, particularly sexual advantage. If this power of an individual is a secret from anyone else, then he can do anything with anyone and not get caught at all.

Vixen’s Animal Affinity


Ever Wondered how it feels when various animals do it? Well, if you fantasize that, then this is the perfect ability to have. Vixen can mimic the abilities of every animal existing in the entire animal kingdom. Just imagine them being used in bed. It could be for better or worse.  

Emma Frost’s Diamond Form and Telepathy

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Emma Frost is as known for her revealing outfit and extremely ravishing looks. She is a telepath and telepathy can very well be used to take advantage or provide moments of pleasure. With Frost, Telepathy is just a secondary power, the main power is to turn entirely into diamond form. she has no need for food or water, her mind reading abilities are not usable, and she can’t be destroyed. The only question is, would you be injured trying to be romantically involved with a diamond, and would you be willing to find out?

Professor X’s Mind control

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Charles Xavier has the strongest brain that exists in this world. He can reach out to anyone, mind control them, make them feel anything and do anything he wants them to do. Such strong telepathic powers can be used in astonishing ways especially in bed. They can give an intense amount of pleasure and at the same time make one do something they don’t want.

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