Suits Season 5 Episode 5: Travis Tanner Again

This was something unexpected. Eric Close aka Travis Tanner was back on Suits Season 5 Episode 5, Toe to Toe. The brilliant actor once again played Harvey’s arch rival but this time for a change, he wasn’t the bad guy. Harvey was. Travis Tanner came to Harvey with a settlement offer which Harvey rejected. Instead he went behind his back to get a TRO and get Tanner’s client locked out. Now how did this start?

Suits Season 5 Episode 5: Travis Tanner again
Suits Season 5 Episode 5: Travis Tanner again

Before the credits roll out we see Harvey dreaming, and what does he see? Donna, lying in his bed, but with Tanner. Harvey’s therapist points out from time to time during the episode that he has unresolved issues which he doesn’t want to face. To open him up, she tells him the truth about how she unknowingly killed a man during therapy. But Tanner is Tanner, he again brings up the issue of Donna and Harvey’s mother, which result in the latter punching him again. When Mike confronts Tanner’s client, a girl who filed false sexual harassment complaint. To Mike’s surprise, he learns that it wasn’t Tanner who bought up the harassment charges. It was her. Harvey is still having panic attacks and while he is in a meeting with his therapist, Mike meets with Tanner and convinces him to back down and show that he has really changed. Mike convinces Harvey to take the original settlement offer.

Elsewhere, Louis was trying to make everything right with Harvey by cancelling the contigent salary proposal which he set off in motion by colluding with Soloff. But Louis does what he always does, mess up things. In the partners meeting, Jack Soloff learns of Louis’ deception and passes another motion which prevents anybody from challenging any policies for the next 1 year. Donna convinces Louis to face Jessica. She calls in Soloff and threatens to fire him if he doesn’t over turn the compensation proposal.

Suits Season 5 Episode 5: Jack Soloff and Louis
Suits Season 5 Episode 5: Jack Soloff and Louis

Everything ends happily. Now Louis and his mudding are famous. He keeps on asking everyone during the episode to go mudding with him. He even asks Soloff. Who actually goes with him to make him collapse? Watch the episode, if you haven’t already and find out.


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