5 Marvel Characters That Could Beat Superman Easily

Superman undoubtedly is one of the strongest superheroes in the DC universe. With him in the picture, no one even has to think about having any big other big guns on the team. Here are 5 Marvel characters that will be able to defeat the Man of Steel:

Scarlett Witch

Of course, we all know how powerful Scarlett Witch really is, but her powers can’t be exactly defined or contained in a certain parameter. This is because they are all magical. And well, magic isn’t Superman’s forte. He can easily be defeated by magic and mind control, and Witch’s powers.. well just remember she once almost killed all the mutants.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is someone who is more of a magician than even a scientist. The guy gets all that he wants. Not just that he’s someone who is really intelligent and his intellect would easily surpass Lex’s intellect, who has almost taken down the Man of Steel. Using science and his mystic knowledge, he’d be able to defeat the Man Of Steel.


Vision is someone who can easily take down the Man of Steel. This sure can be easily done because of his mystical prowess. Not just that, he is almost unbreakable and possesses the powers granted to him by the Infinity Gauntlet.

Doctor strange

Okay, this won’t even be a challenge. Doctor Strange is someone who can defeat Superman in no time. Be it being impervious to all his attacks by going into his astral form or be it attacking his mind or turning back time. Strange can do all sorts of crazy stuff to the Man of Steel.



Superman, we all know gets his power from the Sun, Sentry, well he has the power of a hundred exploding Suns. If Sentry goes all out on Superman, the Man of Steel won’t even stand a chance against him. Remember Sentry ripping people apart from between? Yeah, that’s him.

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