All Characters Who Could Appear In The Hawkeye Series

Jeremy Renner is going to return as Clint Barton in the upcoming Hawkeye series. He recently teased his first look in the show. Along with him, we believe that the whole Barton family might return as well. And along with them, there will be several new characters who will be added to the show. Here’s a list of every new character that might arrive in the MCU through the Hawkeye series on Disney+:

Kate Bishop

Hawkeye Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop will be a new addition into the MCU. Along with her, we might see Lucky the dog since he has been teased by a concept art. Hawkeye will train Kate Bishop to take on his mantle of Hawkeye. After the series, Kate would probably go on to appear in the Young Avengers project.


New Heroes Carrying His Mantle

Maya Lopez is a deaf Native American woman who originally went by the title of “Echo.” But she later went on to become Ronin in the comics. There’s a bit of ‘Taskmaster’ in her as she also has photographic reflexes. We’re presuming that she could have trained with Clint during his 5 years as Ronin. And now that Clint has returned to his family, Maya Lopez could actually be the new Ronin.


Hawkeye Clint Heroes Carrying His Mantle

Barbara “Bobbi” Morse aka Mockingbird has been a love interest of Hawkeye in the books. Rumors have suggested that Adrianne Palicki may reprise her role as Bobbi Morse after Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Maybe it won’t be as a love interest, but she could perhaps be an old associate of Clint Barton. There’s also a chance that the MCU will bring a new Mockingbird all together.

Trick Shot

In the 1980s, Marvel gave us a bit of a backstory upon Hawkeye’s origin. Apparently, he was trained by Trick Shot, who later returned to take on Hawkeye. Marvel could use a bit of this for Hawkeye’s origin story in the MCU. We still don’t know how exactly did Hawkeye become so good in archery. So, maybe Trick Shot was the one who taught him.

Barney Barton

Clint’s brother Barney Barton got separated from him when he continued to train under Trick Shot. Barney became an FBI Agent but had seemingly died while fighting the Marvel villain Egghead. He was later brought back as Marvel revealed that Barney had survived and taken the identity of Trick Shot. Instead of the original Trick Shot, Marvel could just turn Barney into Trick Shot straight away.


Both Clint & Barney ran away from their home as kids. After that, they were recruited by Jacques Duquesn aka Swordsman. Duquesne saw great potential in Clint. He trained him & turned him into an expert Swordsman. After that, Duquesne also let his buddy, the original Trick Shot teach Clint the skill of Archery. By this time, Barney Barton had long gone. We believe that Swordsman could appear in the Hawkeye series.


Crossfire is the cousin of the Ant-Man villain Yellowjacket. He could come in as a minor villain in Disney+’s Hawkeye. It would offer us nice connectivity with the Ant-Man franchise.


Rumors suggest that Taskmaster is to survive the Black Widow movie. So, he might stick around in the MCU even after Black Widow. That makes us imagine a fight between Taskmaster & Clint Barton, as could certainly be awesome to witness. As for the how, Clint & Kate might intercept Taskmaster on a mission & the two would then take on the villain with the photographic reflexes. Clint might also have some personal vendetta against Taskmaster for whatever the villain would do to Nat in the Black Widow movie. Let’s see if this wish of hours turns out to be true.

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