Deadpool 2 – Major Marvel Superhero Makes A Secret Cameo Appearance!!!

Deadpool 2 is at it again. The first movie only made vague references to the larger, more popular franchises. Fox did not want to dish out more cash than what was needed for the Merc with a Mouth. The Studio was never one to care about continuity, letting the directors direct the movie as they please according to the story at hand. But now since Deadpool has proved to be lucrative Box Office success and one of the most successful superhero movies ever, Deadpool 2 is ready to up the ante. There will be no more vague references to the popular superheroes. If you think Deadpool is going to stop with the Personal jabs at both the DCEU and the MCU, then you are dead wrong. Deadpool 2 has secretly filmed a cameo appearance by a major and well-known superhero of the Marvel Universe.

Who could it be? Any guesses???


The First movie had a miniscule cast. Deadpool, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead were the only superheroes in that movie. Deadpool even broke the fourth wall joked about the Studio not wanting to spend enough cash to rope in more players into the field.  Deadpool 2 will be way different. Josh Brolin will star as Cable. Zazie Beetz will be the new Domino and there is also talk of an early version of the Mutant Superhero team the X-Force being included within the roster. Yet the story doesn’t end there. Rumors are already rife that there will be one more superhero that is about to join the fray. Deadpool end credits only mentioned Cable. This Superhero will be physically present in a frame of the movie itself.

We have narrowed it down to three different and equally possible options. Let’s see:

An X-Force Member

The X-Force movie is definitely happening. Regardless of the Disney-Fox deal going north or south, Deadpool and Cable will be returning with Zazie Beetz reprising her role as Domino in the futuristic Mutant Covert Ops team with their own solo movie. The actual release date or even a tentative one hasn’t been announced yet. But given the fact that Fox put a lot of effort on making the X-Force a part of Deadpool 2, we have to agree that the movie is going to be released in the near future.

Up until now, the rumors said there will be three X-Force Members in Deadpool 2. Why stop there? Why don’t they just make it four? One more X- Force member that was about to get his own movie was Gambit. The movie never left development hell as the Disney Fox Deal took over. Channing Tatum as Gambit would be the perfect guy to star in a cameo appearance. Maybe his cameo will be the key to de-stall his almost dead movie project.

An X-Men member

This is my personal favorite. Everyone loves the Wolverine-Deadpool dynamic. The grumpy wolf meets the merc with a mouth. The fans will finally get what they had been wishing for. Hugh Jackman will either reprise his role as Wolverine for ‘One Last Time’ as Deadpool locks swords with Wolverine’s Claws or he will just appear as ‘himself’.

Remember Deadpool once teased Hugh Jackman’s face at the end of the climax of the movie. What better way for Jackman to not bulk up for Wolverine and just show up as himself in the movie!! That would be really, really sweet fan service and I am all up for it. We all are!!!

An MCU member

This one is a literal long shot. The Disney-Fox merger hasn’t happened yet on legal terms so any MCU character could not be legally allowed to appear in Fox movies. But there is one guy that Disney could ‘loan’ to Fox Studios for a cameo.

deadpool 2

Samuel L. Jackson plays Nick Fury in the MCU. He is the guy who brought Avengers together. Deadpool will (hopefully) soon be a part of the MCU and share screen space with the Avengers. If that is indeed the case, A Nick Fury appearance in Deadpool’s favorite bar, Sister Margaret’s would be really awesome. He could be just sitting there, having a drink. A conversation between the two would be the stuff of legends. If Disney becomes a tight-ass and refuses to sell out Nick Fury to Fox for a cameo, they could just hire Samuel L. Jackson for a cameo and credit him as something else within the movie. Either way, Jackson’s appearance will send ripples across the movie theaters worldwide!!

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