10 Times Fan Theories Were Better Than Actual Endings

Some shows inspire such loyalty from the fandom that the majority of the peeps cannot help but continue to speculate. We love our theories and we love when these theories are proven right. But more often than not most of the endings for the shows and larger cinematic universes are written years in advance. This means that the actual ending lags behind the fan theories. Sometimes this translates into situations where in the end, the fan theories were better than actual endings. We have collected 10 such instances. Take a look:

Everyone is Ugly – It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

One of the most famous fan theories for one of the longest-running shows. The fans of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia theorized that all the cast members were ugly. This was to support how badly all the cast members are treated by the people who surround them. Unlike how pretty people are treated the cast members are usually regarded as the filth of society, which is surprising considering how aesthetically pleasing some of them are.

Gus is a Double Agent – Breaking Bad

One of the most interesting theories to come out of the Breaking Bad show was the villain Gustavo Fring. Although he perished during the last season, we did get to see some iconic moments from the man. For instance, killing Don Eladio and the Cartel in one fell swoop. The most interesting theory to come out of the fandom for the villain was the conjecture that he was in bed with the CIA. It would make sense considering how long Gus has been able to circumvent the law. If he has someone on the inside helping him it would certainly make his job a lot easier.

Kevin “Made” the Most Money – The office

Fan Theories were Better than Actual Endings

If you look at the adventures of Kevin at Dundee Mifflin in The Office you come to realize that the man spends much more than he earned. By his own admission, he is said to be embezzling from the office by a lot. Case in point, he is fired in the series finale and immediately goes to buy a bar. Another evidence of this fact is when Kevin mentions that he “has a gambling problem” and “his job sounds a lot like insider trading”. Fans had speculated for a long while that Kevin was corrupt and the series finale might be a nod to the same.

Time of The Island – Lost

At the heart of the island in Lost, we get to see the light and it is described as encompassing ” Life, death, and rebirth”. A lot of fans theorized that this light was actually time itself as it would make sense about the themes of the story. We don’t know whether this theory was considered by the writer’s room but the fandom certainly agrees that it is better than the actual ending.

Where is Ben – Friends

In the later seasons of Friends Ross’ son, Ben is completely absent. Although this might be because the writers did not consider him interesting, the fans have come up with a much more compelling reason. They believe that Ross eventually lost custody of Ben and is no longer allowed to see him. Although this might not be in the spirit of the relationship of Carol and Ross it’s still more interesting than the offhand explanations we got. Maybe the custody battle would have given us some funnier beats.

The Upside Down Is Will’s Creation – Stranger Things

Will Byers is one of the more interesting characters to come out of Stranger Things. He is the empathetic Wizard who leads us on adventures throughout the show. The fans have speculated that the character is actually the true reason for the existence of the Upside down, the nightmare dimension of the show. Since Will was the one who came up with the Demogorgon fans speculated that he was the one who willed the Upside Down into existence after being experimented on in the Hawkins lab.

Ted was The Bad Guy – Himym

Fan Theories were Better than Actual Endings

How I Met Your Mother’s ending would stand out in the history of Bad endings for the series. Case in point, The titular mother was killed off so that Ted could pursue Robin as his ultimate love. However, fans speculated that the entire show could have been told from a very biased perspective that enabled Ted to build a sympathetic narrative around himself so he was allowed to pursue Robin. He could have colored the kid’s opinions about Barney and made himself look better so the kids would not chastise him for going after Robin. This theory certainly holds water since NPH himself confirmed the possibility of it being true.

Janice Would have Drank The Kool-Aid – Sopranos

Janice was one of the most self cantered characters in The Sopranos. Impulsive, irritating, pretentious, and volatile to boot. The fans speculated that the reason for her fickle personality was that she had been in a cult for years before the show started and this made her very sensitive to trauma and triggers. This would certainly make more sense than what happened in the show.

Bran And The Night King Were The Same Individuals – GoT

There has never been a train wreck quite like the last season of Game of Thrones. Fans had speculated for years that the show would end in a way that a psychic connect would be formed between Bran and the Night King, some even went far enough to say that it will be revealed that Bran is the Night King. Although this theory never made it into the main lore it is still interesting to see.

Seinfeld is in Purgatory- Seinfeld

The finale of Seinfeld included one of the most bizarre trials where the leading trio of Jerry, George and Elaine were tried for violating “The Good Samaritan Law”. This happened after they failed to help a person being carjacked. A Redditor theorized that this was actually purgatory given the surreal nature of the absurdity and the trial was akin to their moral assessment in the afterlife. The death came after the trio’s plane crashed at the start of the episode. Quite ironic, if you ask me.

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