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  • TelevisionWorst Episodes of Awesome TV Shows

    8 Worst Episodes of Otherwise Awesome TV Shows

    Even geniuses can make mistakes. After all, no one is perfect. But it’s hard to accept this truth when it comes to our favorites TV series. If we like it and spend hours binge-watching it like zombies, then every episode must be perfect. After all, we go out recommending these series and one bad episode can undermine our stamp. These…

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  • TelevisionTV Shows Spinoffs Got Cancelled

    10 Spinoffs Of Popular TV Shows That Got Cancelled

    The showrunners simply won’t let go, would they? When a popular show finally comes to an end, some producers and directors look for alternatives to let the money flow in. So, instead of creating a new story on new characters, they capitalize on existing characters. These characters are put into a new connected series and, Viola! you have a spinoff.…

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  • TelevisionMovies and TV Shows Clever References

    10 Movies and TV Shows With Clever References To The Source

    Movies take a lot of liberty while adapting books. That’s because they can’t fit in the entire story in a 2-hour film and definitely can’t produce the same thing twice. The audience wouldn’t spend their money to watch something when they already know the ending. That’s why screenwriters and directors tweak some changes and add major twists to keep the…

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  • CelebsActors Not Famous Anymore

    10 Hollywood Actors Who Are Not Famous Anymore

    Popularity can be really empowering, but at the same time, it’s so fragile and delicate that it’s broken or snatched away in no time. We all want to be popular and famous, but the consequences it holds are so brutal.  Popularity isn’t all that glory that we see and sometimes it isn’t that fulfilling too, but we all want to…

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  • News

    3 Sitcoms Better Than ‘Friends’

      A lot of us are hard core ‘Friends’ fans and hey I don’t blame anyone. I agree Rachel and Ross are perfect together, yes Chandler is the funniest guy, and of course Phoebe and Joey are the quirkiest people, and true Monica has OCD. They are indeed a bunch of hilarious, fun people. However, according to me, ‘Friends’ isn’t…

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