10 Most Hated Characters From The Office

It is not every day that a sitcom is released and it is successful. And on the other hand, there are a few sitcoms that have totally redefined the concept of it. From FRIENDS to Breaking Bad, we have it all. But one of the many sitcoms that sit in the heart of it is The Office. Originally an adaptation of The Office (UK), it ended up concluding its run after the 9th season. Well, there have been adds and subs in the run. So, here’s a list of the top 10 most hated characters from The Office:

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Most Hated Characters From The Office

Deangelo Vickers

People say that The Office ran out of its flame when Michael Scott left. To believe, Will Ferrell should have been a great replacement for Steve Carrell. Michael was a goofy boss, and Deangelo was to be the same. But the equation kind of fell out of proportion. Deangelo was just purely irritating. Whereas Michael had his moments of emotions that neutralized his behavior.

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Michael had his own moments to be extreme cringe and offensive. For example, he laughed at Phyllis when she was flashed. But the thing with Michael was his redemption. On the other side, we have Deangelo who was a straight-up sexist, and ruthless. He forced Andy (Ed Helms) to drink soap just for his own amusement. Thank god he only got a four-episode stay in Scranton.

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Brian (Camera Crew)

Honestly, this is where it felt like the writers sort of ran out of ideas. While I believe that the show did not die after Michael left, the decision to face-reveal one of the camera crew people was irrational to me. For nine years we had not seen any of them, and it should have stayed the same way. Moreover, Brian took advantage of Pam & Jim’s marriage trouble. Why? Hoping that it would never come up and there would be no confrontation?

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Hiding the camera crew was something that they had managed to avoid for nine years, and in truth, it should have stayed that way. Moreover, he was not revealed when Dwight panicked the entire office with his fake fire causing Stanley to have a heart attack, or when Andy became stranded at sea. But yes, the writers rather decided to amp up the marital issues by bringing the camera guy! Even though he saved Pam,  the storyline that he was in love with Pam just did not fit. And also, it seemed like a desperate attempt to make things unnecessarily interesting.

Cathy Simms

On one hand, Brian tried to get closer to Pam while Jim was out of town. And on the other, it was Catchy Simms who took things to the next level just because she wanted to sleep with Jim. What upsets the vibe of the show is that tensed the relationship between Jim and Pam a bit too much after establishing the smoothness in it. Moreover, Cathy knew that Jim and Pam are married.

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When they were out on a business trip together with other colleagues, Cathy sneakily bargained her way into Jim’s room. She used his shower and tried to cuddle up to him in nothing more than a dressing gown, and then made him feel guilty about being uncomfortable. Moreover, she was literally brought into Dunder Mifflin as maternity cover for Jim’s wife. But then again, the writers had to intensify the problems in the best office couple’s relationship.

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Most Hated Characters in The Office

Honestly, forget about Deangelo, Catchy, and others, it’s time for the real hate to begin with Frank. Frank managed to become one of the most hated Office characters after featuring in just one episode in season nine. The guy seriously had no sense of compassion and a clear overlap of egos in his head. He considered himself to be everyone’s superior and didn’t take a word for anything.

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It was so exciting to see Pam paint her mural in the basement. She was rightly proud of the work she had put in on the warehouse wall. But Frank decided that he does not like it. Hence, he sabotaged it. He painted two giant butts over it. Moreover, he was just a bully who did not even think it was right to apologize to her later. Rather he decided to attack Pam because she took her revenge. Brian stepped in and saved her. What a freak.

Karen Filippelli

Karen was brought into the show not soon after. But yes timing was perfect. She came in when we all wanted Jim to start afresh because the possible romance that kindled between Jim and Pam was killed off. Well, almost! Jim went to Stamford to get away from Pam. There, he found Karen. With not much delay the branch merger happens and hence begins the drama.

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Jim makes it clear to Pam that he is with Karen. But soon they both realize that they have feelings for each other. I think the hate for Karen started when the writers made her say, “She’s a b*tch” about Pam.  For much of season three, she was the reason that Jim and Pam couldn’t get together, and fans hated her for it. But honestly, she did not do anything wrong. In fact, wrong happened TO her. But regardless, she got so much hate for the character that she was.

Ryan Howard

Let me tell you something right off the bat. Ryan Howard, played by B.J. Novak, was also the co-executive producer of the show. But as a character? My god wasn’t he a jerk! However, Michael has immense love for him and called him ‘hot’ on several occasions. Hell, he even compared him with one of his exes, Jan! But in honesty, Ryan as a character just wanted a job to help him get through business school. He didn’t want any part of this weird work family.

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Most Hated Characters From The Office

But his character development was extremely downhill. In my opinion, the writers and B.J. Novak collectively wanted a character so mean and delirious.  His ego grew to ridiculous proportions when got the job from David Wallace and became everyone’s boss. Especially Jim. He clowned Jim for no absolute reason. Oh well, yes, he was after Pam. And how about how badly he treated Kelly? He cheated on her and treated her terribly, and wouldn’t take the blame for anything that he did wrong.

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Jan Levinson

Well, she started off innocent as Michael’s boss. But you know his magic, and Jan is no stranger to it. Jan Levinson-Gould was a character who deserved a lot of sympathy in her role at Dunder Mifflin. It was her job to work with and put up with Michael Scott day in and day out. Until they slept together, and Michael made things extremely awkward. But then, Jan WANTED to be with him!

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Okay, feel train leaving for Michael Scott now. When she was unemployed, Michael supported her with all her heart. But then again she forced Michael to sell his car. She was the reason why he plunged into excruciating credit card debt. And guess what? She blamed him for it! And she forced him into getting a second job to support her. This was the time when we all felt extremely bad for Michael. He had to sleep on a futon in front of his own bed! The worse is yet to come. Following all the vasectomies, she went to a sperm bank and got impregnated behind his back. Oh, you evil Jan.

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Todd Packer

I cannot be the only one who could not stand this character in any sense. He was the definition of pure cringe, irrationality, and sexism. The worse thing that the writers could do was make him Michael’s best friend. And so they did! Michael thought everyone was his friend. but he worshipped Jim and Pam, he was determined for Ryan to be his best friend, and for some reason, he loved Todd Packer.

This guy single-handedly ruined the atmosphere of the Scranton office in a jiffy. He was a homophobic, sexist pig who made inappropriate and offensive jokes and was unbelievably disrespectful. He did not consider women to be humans and I think the show really went overboard with Todd Packer. was sexually inappropriate every time he was on screen. The guy’s license plate was WLHUNG after all. He even laced everyone’s cupcake at the Scranton office with just about every drug you could think of after he came back from Florida.

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Gabe Lewis

Man, this character gave me the creeps. Not even overstating. When Dunder Mifflin was sold to Jo Bennett and Sabre, Gabe Lewis was introduced to Scranton as something of a bridge between the branch and corporate. He was a character who was given no flair, and so be it said, Gabe. he sort of had this unspoken arrogance and awkwardness surrounding him which just repelled all the good qualities. He thought himself better than those at Scranton because of his job.

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Well, for starters, I do not know why Erin went out with him in the first place. The writers would know better. It was only a matter of time that it was publicly announced that he is NOT the boyfriend at all after Erin’s emotional outburst. He was possessive, he looked down on her and manipulated her because she wasn’t as smart as he was. These are the patent qualities that Gabe walked around with. Truly an unpleasant character.

Roy Anderson

If what Karen was to Pam, then the same is Roy to Jim. I do not even have to state why the character was utterly despised. He was Pam’s fiancé to begin the series. He was clearly not as good a fit for her. The only difference why Karen is different from Roy is because her personality as flawed as Roy’s was. He never seemed to care about his relationship with Pam, and even though they were engaged, he had no intention of actually getting married for over three years.

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Roy was possessive when it came to Pam. Moreover, he treated her very badly. As he soon realized that she won’t be going anywhere, he took her for granted. He did not even let her go for drinks for god’s sake! His awful shenanigans continued even after they both were done. He and his brother trashed Poor Richard’s when he found out about Jim kissing her before they had broken up. Honestly, he would have beaten Jim up in a fit of rage. But as we know, Dwight stood in the way with his mace spray. The Schrute saved the day.

Do you agree with this list of the most hated characters in The Office? Let us know in the comments.

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