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6 Reasons Why The Snyder Cut Is Better Than Avengers: Endgame

MCU and DCEU are two such franchises that have indirectly been in competition with each other. Both the franchises have their own fanbases. MCU fans already consider Avengers: Endgame as the winner of all the MCU movies. But even this massive event did have its flaws. 2017’s Justice League was a critical and box office disappointment. But the recent Snyder Cut has brought back the faith of people in DCEU. Now I know that even the title would have made you guys angry. But here’s just an opinion upon how the Snyder Cut is better than Avengers: Endgame.

1. Snyder Cut has better action scenes

Okay, this point may be up for debate. Zack Snyder is known for his action scenes. Throughout his career as a director, he has brought some very good action scenes on screen. Snyder Cut is full of some memorable action sequences. The new scenes that were added in Snyder Cut were much better than the old ones. And I feel that its final battle is more synchronized than even Endgame’s battle.

2. It lets the audience see Zack Snyder’s original vision

Zack Snyder had his own vision for Justice League. The Snyder Cut is a very good example of that. The movie shows the actual vision of a director without the interference of studio executives and producers. Snyder Cut represented where the story should actually go. This is what makes Snyder Cut a very good movie. Endgame was a film that didn’t go through any edits made by the production studio. Even if something was edited or Russo brothers had their own vision, we never got to know about it.

3. It followed the premise of DC Comics

Most of the DCEU fans have expressed their disappointment with the franchise. They were not happy with the way the franchise rushed to Justice League. The MCU was more comic accurate and saw superheroes wearing the exact costumes like the comics. Snyder Cut corrected this mistake. The introduction of Green Lantern Corps, the Anti-Life Equation, and the forces of Apokolips are some good examples. Endgame didn’t exactly follow the events as mentioned in the comics. This has been very common with most of the MCU movies where they bring a few changes to the plot.

4. Snyder Cut represented the victory of DCEU fans

Zack Snyder had to leave Justice League in between after his daughter committed suicide. Joss Whedon was brought on board. The 2017 version was criticized by critics as well as fans. DCEU fans started to demand Snyder Cut. It was not available at that time since Snyder did not get to complete the movie. At first, its release was said to be unlikely. But later because of the pressure from DCEU fans, Warner Bros. officially announced Snyder Cut. Endgame was already getting a positive response from the audience. Even if something was missing in the film, audiences have completely ignored it.

5. Snyder Cut redeems the failure of DCEU

The DCEU has been praised as well as criticized by its fans. MCU came first and audiences were already attracted to the franchise. In terms of DCEU, Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice were not able to satisfy the audience. Even the success of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam! were not able to convince the fans upon the whole shared universe either. Snyder Cut focused more on completing the story between Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman. It was able to win back the trust of DCEU fans. Endgame was more focused on completing the 22 story arc instead of putting some extra focus on the plot and the characters like DCEU. The film earned billions only because of that final battle sequence and the death of Iron Man.

6. The time travel sequence was much better

We all remember Barry Allen aka The Flash’s time travel sequence in Snyder Cut. The way he traveled to the past in that scene was through the infamous cosmic treadmill that has existed in The Flash mythology since 1961. In Snyder mythology, Batman and Cyborg built it so that Barry can travel back into the past and warn the Justice League for preventing the Knightmare future. This was something unique and different in comparison to the concept of Quantum Realm in Endgame. This one also had a complication as said by Bruce Banner: Altering the past does not affect the present; any changes create alternate realities.

It is not necessary that you guys would agree with this analysis. Take it just as my personal opinion. I respect yours.

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