Multiverse of Madness Confirms Iron Man’s Dream Was True

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been called the universe of Iron Man. My friend even has the habit of jokingly calling every new Marvel movie a sequel to Iron Man. I can’t say I disagreed at the time he made the comments but things have changed a lot since then. You see, Iron Man is no longer a part of the MCU. His sacrifice at the end of Infinity War helped us defeat Thanos and end the conflict once and for all. But it was a hard journey for Tony Stark. He transformed from a selfish self-centered rich brat into a philanthropist savior of the MCU. He did this out of fear and a sense of duty. Ever since the battle of New York, Iron Man’s dreams were troubled.

He was haunted by the inevitability of another attack but his colleagues called him paranoid and condemned him when he created Ultron. His dreams of defeat at the hands of a greater galactic force were trivialized. However, Multiverse of Madness lends some legitimacy to Tony’s phase 2 paranoia. We suspect that the plot leak for the movie was 90% accurate when it came out and then they changed a lot with the reshoots, but the basic elements stuck. One of these elements was the confirmation of the fact that dreams are windows to other universes. In the MCU when a person dreams they are actually looking through the eyes of an alternate universe self. This is a big revelation and changes a lot about the MCU.


The Truth Behind Iron Man’s Dream

Incidentally, the fans have had this theory for a while now. In fact, it surfaced the day the first trailer for Doctor Strange 2 was released. This means that all of Tony Stark’s dreams were true but they were happening in some other universe. Since the sacred timeline had not been freed up until then, we did not know what we were looking at and neither did Stark. But Multiverse of Madness helped us understand. Stark’s paranoia started in Iron Man 3 where he was not able to deal with his PTSD. After all, Stark was the guy who came the closest to dying in the movie. That is not something you recover from easily.


Then in Age of Ultron, he was shown a vision by the mind stone and Wanda that took away his breath. It was a scene of the death of all Avengers at the hands of an unknown threat. It was this vision that forced Tony into creating Ultron so he could feel safe but even that movie backfired. Since we know that Wanda’s powers are reality alteration and employment of hexes through chaos magic, we can be sure that she has had an implicit connection with the multiverse for a long time. The reason we say that is because even Wanda was surprised when she saw what Stark saw.


Iron Man’s dream

We think that the vision that Stark saw and Iron Man’s dreams around the time peeked into other realities where Thanos did not wait until Ragnarok to collect the Infinity Stones. I mean, it is not inconceivable to think that out of infinite realities and universes, Thanos got impatient in one of them and just completely annihilated the Avengers in a fit of rage.


The Consequences

The Mad Titan certainly has the power to do it and he also had the power of plot armor in his first fight with the Avengers. With all of this in mind, we can say that all of Tony’s dreams were true in some universe. This also implies that the visions and dreams that other characters have seen over the course of the cinematic universe were just as real as the MCU itself. It is quite terrifying to think that there is a reality where Thanos won unconditionally and the Avengers could not do anything to reverse it.


But that is the nature of the multiverse, it is infinite, both the good and the bad. Anything else we say will only amount to speculation so I guess I will refrain from that.

Let us know what you think about this theory about Iron Man’s dream down in the comments. Also keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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