7 Comic-Book Plots That Fans Would Like to See in Batman Solo Movie

There is a huge amount of excitement among DC fans as the studio turned to Ben Affleck to be the “creative man” for new Batman franchise and hopefully contribute to scripting the standalone movies as well. He has often been revered by both critics and fans for his masterful direction in The Town and Argo. He is a guy who actually has a Bat cave in his mansion. He has been talking about the Batman solo films for a long time, asking fans to contribute and tell him what they would like to see in his version of a superhero. He is collaborating with Geoff Johns (comic-book writer turned Chief creative officer at DC comics) which lends a lot of credibility to the team and infuse promise and hopes into the venture. Recently, according to a source, they are planning to make a definitive Batman movie which would include a range of villains. This allows them flexibility and leg room to adapt interesting storylines from the comics and add their own creative input to tie it in a strong narrative.

Here are the comic-book plots that they could look into and possibly incorporate elements into the movie:



This is the storyline which acted as the resurgence of the Batman in the early 2000’s. It features a masked adversary/Thomas Elliot who convinced and manipulated Batman Rogues to attack Batman, used them like chess pieces and almost took everything away from not just Batman but Bruce Wayne as well. It has iconic moments like Commissioner Gordon threatening to shoot Batman, return of Jason Todd Robin etc.

Court of Owls:


This comic captures Batman’s astonishment when he found out that he is not the only urban legend walking in the shadows on the streets of Gotham. He thought that he has managed to protect his city, instead, a secret society is manipulating the events which shake the entire system.

The Long Halloween:


The core of the plot revolves around a serial killer who only strike on holidays, it pits the city against the most dreaded villains creating mayhem at every holiday.

A Lonely Place of Dying:

He is more cynical and less hopeful in this one. After Dick Grayson left, Jason Todd murdered, he is against the very idea of a sidekick, which led him to go on a dangerous path by himself.

No Man’s Land:


In this story, the Gotham city is ravaged by an earthquake, and as a result of the chaos, villains have divided the city into parts with each staking a claim on it. This would fit well with the existing narrative too.



It’s one of the most deadly plots wherein the Joker decides to end being soft towards Batman, he took control of the entire justice league and send them to kill Batman once and for all.

The Killing Joke:


This is an epic classic from Alan Moore with a huge amount of violence in the Gotham city. Joker strikes hard Gordon’s family to make a diabolical point mirroring his own fall into madness.

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