“Thanos Was Right” & 14 other Amazing Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 4

A very big part of the MCU culture is a collective dissection of new pieces of content that we keep on receiving from Marvel Studios. Part of this is examining each episode of a show and breaking it down with all of its respected layers of references. The new episode of Hawkeye certainly does a good job of bringing Clint’s character closer to the comic version, but there is more to it. Marvel Studios is leaving us clues in the frames so that we fans can make the most of the show. So here are 15 amazing Easter Eggs in Hawkeye episode 4 including “Thanos Was Right”.


Although the mistake of Jack Duquesne in calling Hawkeye Archer seems innocent, in reality, it could be foreshadowing something much more sinister. You see, in the comics, there is a multiverse variant of Hawkeye by the name of Archer. This could very well be the version that Jack is referring to. In fact, there is a possibility that Jack is not of this earth at all. He may be a multiverse variant of the Swordsman stuck in our universe. This theory would tie in amazingly with the multiverse theme of phase IV and could open up Hawkeye to mind-blowing proportions.


Better Call Saul

Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 4

Talking about Jack Duquesne, it is nice to see Tony Dalton in something else other than Better Call Saul. We are equal parts afraid of Lalo Salamanca and also absolutely in love with him. Interestingly the cup that Jack uses in this Episode is a dual reference to his Better Call Saul character. The cup has bees and green hexagons on it. Both are clear references to Heisenberg’s signature way of cooking Meth in Breaking Bad. This is the kind of thing only Disney can do and get away with. Tony Dalton does an amazing of playing just a slightly deranged character, which is also lovely to see.


Family First

Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 4

Eleanor is very sly in the episode. There are hints throughout the series that he and Jack are in cahoots. But it is also possible that Eleanor is the real villain of Hawkeye. She may be the one controlling Jack rather than the other way around. A hint to her more sinister side comes out when she tries to interrogate Hawkeye during the episode. She asks her whether he has a family. In fact, she starts by asking if he has kids. This is not a concern but scouting so she knows what pressure points to not. Her mentioning Natasha’s death could also be a veiled threat.


Madame Masque

Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 4

Continuing from the last point. All throughout the episode we also get to see snippets of artwork and collection pieces that are very hard for a private security contractor to own. A lot of fans have speculated that Eleanor is probably Madam Masque in reality and this could explain why she has so much valuable artwork. It is also possible that she moves artwork from countries these people invade and oppress during black site operations. All of this assumes that Hawkeye wants to explore the Madam Masque storyline.


Big Guy

Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 4

Hawkeye can’t help but make Kingpin references. We receive another dose in episode 4 of the series with Clint Barton dropping the term “Big Guy”. He basically says that Jack is laundering for the big guy, so it is possible that he referring to Kingpin because no one controls the mob in New York City but KingPin himself. So it makes sense that the big guy controls all the money too, and, of course, those who launder it. We hope what happens after this can satisfy the fandom.


It is time we talk about Moira Brandon

Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 4

Kate Bishop’s aunt is Moira Brandon. She is an honorary Avenger and is pretty handy with a crossbow. The poster that Kate draws on in this episode of Hawkeye is a panel reference taken straight from the comics. It makes a reference to the pose that Moira bad in one of the comic panels. This is the amazing kind of geeky easter eggs at the fandom looks for.


Thanos Was Right

Every Apocalypse has its groupies. This may sound a bit crass or I may come off as a bit Jaded but it is true. Thanos created an Apocalypse level event and this ended up rallying people to his cause. Everyone accepted the reality of living in a world with only half the population so when the Avengers brought everyone back it created a rebellion within some people. Thanos Was right showed up again in this episode in the form of a cup that Hawkeye drinks from.


Hawkeye is A Weapon

Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 4

One of the most heart-wrenching moments of the episode was when Hawkeye explained to Kate that he is not a planner. He is not a leader or the person who makes the initiative. He is a weapon and he has done good because he was used by the right people to do the right things. This is a very specific job title that requires very specific skills. So if the Archer cannot plan and proceed it’s because that was never his job. His job was to hurt people, to destroy them, he was the scorched earth policy.


Trick Arrows In Short Supply

Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 4

Ever since Thanos was defeated the Avengers have not regrouped. The group was effectively disbanded after the death of two primary members and their final victory over the Mad Titan. So it makes sense that Hawkeye does not have access to his usual gear. This is further showcased in the show when Clint tells Kate that there are no more trick arrows in the world other than what remains in the NYPD evidence locker.


Boomerang Arrow

Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 4

The Boomerang Arrows that Kate talks about actually appeared in the comics. The original Fraction and David Aja run of Hawkeye on which this show is based actually featured boomerang arrows. These arrows came back to the user after firing. Although this was used in the show to signify how the arrows can be more resource-effective, in the comics this was just a joke that helped Kate save Hawkeye from a gunman.


I’m just very Accurate

This episode of Hawkeye brought Clint Barton closer to his comic counterpart. The comic Hawkeye is very capable, not just with arrows, but any kind of projectile. This talent of Hawkeye was showcased when he threw a coin in this episode to shut off a TV from across the room. Quite nice of the showrunners to include this detail, still nicer was the fact that this ended up creating a moment of bonding between Clint and Kate.


Kate’s Wardrobe

Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 4

Kate Bishop wears the same t-shirt in Hawkeye episode 4 as she wore in the comics in Fraction’s original run. The t-shirt says Laika which is a reference to a dog. It’s a pretty white top with black text on top and we think it is pretty badass, especially because Kate wears the heck out of it.

LARPer are In The Comics

In this show, we get to see first responders and cops playing in live-action sword fighting and roleplay. This is also a reference from the comics where the LARPer Orval and Wendy appear much like how they do in the show. Interestingly though they did not exist in the same way they did here. Bombshell, as written on Wendy’s bag is actually a reference to an old Hawkeye villain. Similarly, Orval is a reference to a character known as Oddball in the comics.


Yelena’s Original Black Widow Costume

Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 4

Yelena Belova made an appearance in episode 4 of the show and she was wearing her original comic costume. The black widow assassin even had the red electric gloves from the comics. It makes sense why seeing this freaked Clint out of his mind and he decided to let Kate go at the end of the episode. We were glad to see the green eyes of Yelena’s mask and it even worked great with the overall aesthetic of the screen.


Vormir Flashback

There is another part at the end of the episode that threw our hearts for a fit. It was when Kate fell from the top of the building and Hawkeye had the same expression as he did on Vormir when he lost Natasha. It was quite sinister of the showrunners to do a set piece like that. Especially with a black widow assassin resurfacing to attack Hawkeye. What else is in store in the show, maybe these amazing easter eggs in Hawkeye have the answer, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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