4 Movies That Happened Over A Night

Generally, we see multiple uses of different locations in movies which are being incorporated as per the script plot. In the cinematic universe, sometimes movies use a transient nature of time and perfectly lay down the story-plot keeping the audience aware of the characters. Such movies have a strong sense of immediacy which helps bring clarity in the dramatic situations and dialogues. So here we are counting down on four movies that happened over just a night.

 1) Locke(2013)


This night-time thriller is not that complicated. And when you have a star like Tom Hardy, who is shown driving his car for two hours with his brooding worries. In the movie, Hardy’s character struggle his life and drives all the way from Birmingham to London to reach the birthday of his child conceived through a one-night stand.

2) Attack The Block(2011)


The sci-fi movie revolves around a gang of teenagers who strive to save their block from the alien attack. Director Joe Cornish along with his team brought the story in a pitch black of night, also bringing a ghoulish sense of humor. It is the ultimate mashup of horror, sci-fi, and action.

3) Clue


Based on the iconic mystery board game, this American comedy movie takes place in a luxury English mansion. A couple of suspicious guests tries to figure out who killed their host, Mr. Boddy. The cult classic compresses the investigation into a single evening. And everybody in the movie begins to wonder if they could solve the mystery till morning.

4) Before Sunrise


The 1995 romantic movie portrays a deep observation of life and love. The star cast includes Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, who meet each other as strangers and spend a night together in Vienna. As the surroundings start to get dark, each of them shares stories with growing intimacy.


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