Game Of Thrones Season 6: HBO just dropped a Bombshell!

I still remember the day when the show-makers of Game of Thrones released a promotional image of Season 6, fans totally freaked out over it. It was a picture of Jon Snow’s blood soaked face. Jon Snow, the bastard child of Stark (waiting for confirmation of R+L=J) and the Lord Commander of the Knight’s Watch, was hanging between being dead or alive. He was repeatedly stabbed by his own men in a brutal mutiny led by Alliser Thorne, as they had lost faith in his leadership. He paid the price for being an upright Lord Commander who thought about the greater good of the realm, instead of narrow interests of the Nights’ Watch.

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Jon Snow was deader than dead…………….Now…..

Jon Snow fans have fought with the naysayers for months now claiming that he will come back from the dead. It was a pretty solid bet that he will come back as so many characters in the books of “Song of Ice and Fire” have returned, he is too big a character to die like a nobody. There were only three likely scenarios, either he would be resurrected by Melisandre and he becomes Azor Ahai and fulfill a prophecy or he will return in the form of a wolf as he possessed powerful warging capabilities or he becomes a white walker as Night’s King/Lady Stoneheart raise him from the dead.

Melisandre: Thank You

Finally, all the Jon Snow fans can celebrate as he has been brought alive by Melisandre through her red magic. It was absolutely surreal to watch the scene when she is performing her rituals to please Lord of Light, cleansed his body, cut his hair and put them in the fire, recite her prayers,  but as the music is petering out she is losing her spirit and belief that it’s actually possible. But as you look dire wolf (Ghost), you know something is about to happen and it did. Wow… we are truly in for a cracker of a season ahead….CHEERS…


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