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10 Strongest Powers of Cyborg in Zack Snyder’s Justice League

DCEU is a franchise that has seen a lot of ups and downs. But apart from that, the franchise has also introduced a large number of characters. One of them is Victor Stone aka Cyborg. The character was introduced in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. We never got to know about the origin of the character. But we got to see that in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Victor’s father, Silas Stone resurrected him with a Mother Box. The DCEU’s Cyborg has a lot of powers and abilities and they made him an indestructible hero. Here are the Strongest powers of Cyborg in the Snyder Cut

1. High intellect

Victor Stone was a highly skilled athlete in school. But he also had a high intellect. His intelligence improved later with the metamorphosis into Cyborg. A major reason behind this might have been because his brain was linked to the Internet that allowed him to access and absorb a massive amount of data. This allowed him to figure out complex technology systems that are not from Earth as the Mother Box. Cyborg was also the one who could deduce Lex Luthor’s plan to create Doomsday. When Cyborg assessed the plan, he could depend on the same process to bring back Superman.

2. Superhuman strength

Cyborg’s advanced durability naturally corresponds to his levels of physical strength. He could deflect and live things heavier than him. It can be seen in the final battle sequence where he hurls Aquaman through the air. It is seen again when he tries to separate the three Mother Boxes with his bare hands. Cyborg could also counter a Humvee mid-air and knock it back. Also with immense strength, Cyborg has superhuman stamina. Cyborg’s organic parts even don’t need much rest. He doesn’t have to consume any energy food.

3. Arm modifications

Cyborg’s common power in the comics and the film is his arm modifications. Cyborg can turn their arms into a plasma cannon or a rocket launcher. In terms of defense, Cyborg can morph his arms into a shield that can withstand heat. The shield is very effective and can also deflect Superman’s heat vision. The scope of Cyborg’s modifications knows no bounds since he can replicate technology that is from outside the planet. When the team explores a Kryptonian ship, Cyborg could generate a Kryptonian command key.

4. Durability

Strongest Powers of Cyborg

Cyborg has an enhanced body. That gives him superhuman durability. Steppenwolf inflicts damage on his shoulder and then tears his limbs apart. But Cyborg’s body could be still repaired later to its natural condition. Along with withstanding blunt force impact, if Cyborg flies and fights at high altitude levels, it does not affect his bodily functions. We have also seen that Cyborg is capable of modifying his cybernetic components at will. This allows Cyborg for better flexibility.

5. Extra arms

The Knightmare timeline told us how Cyborg could manifest extra arms from his book. This can also be seen in detail with Jerad S Marantz’s concept design for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The arms could help Cyborg in extra mobility and dexterity. Considering how Cyborg’s arms can be subjected to various modifications, there are more chances that these extra arms have the potential to turn into blasters, cannons, and other weapons.

6. Flight

We have seen Cyborg fly at great heights because of the thrusters located under his palms and feet. The flight velocities that Cyborg can achieve are also noteworthy since he can match the speed of his team members in the Justice League. Cyborg’s body is also durable at a high altitude. But the organic part of his face can be seen exposed to the cold air. Now to combat this exposure, Cyborg also has a foldable faceplate that can cover his face.

7. Marksmanship and cannon blasts

Strongest Powers of Cyborg

Cyborg is usually seen relying on his arm’s plasma cannon. But as seen in the Knightmare sequence, Cyborg can also dispense a larger cannon from behind his shoulder. Cyborg has not taken in any formal training in the shooting but his marksmanship is noteworthy. For example, in the film’s final battle, Cyborg could easily aim and kill the Parademons. With the plasma cannon, Cyborg can generate highly destructive explosions of blue plasma energy. But Superman was brought back to life only with the plasma cannon. The cannon blasts were also able to injure Steppenwolf in one of the scenes.

8. Technopathy

Apart from manipulating technology, Cyborg’s implants also allow him to hear and communicate. This process is called technopathy. He updates Bruce Wayne’s Batcomputer and Knightcrawler and also communicates with the Mother Box. His skills in control and manipulation over electronic data are something that is not possessed by anyone else. The technopathy can also go beyond only encrypting data. This is seen in how he repairs basic gadgets like Silas Stone’s tape recorder which he destroyed himself.

9. Superhuman speed and reflexes

Cyborg’s nervous system has a bio-cyber interface. This lets him think and act faster and makes for massively improved reflexes. Cyborg’s natural speed is similar to the level of superhumans that let him stealthily execute his actions. There is a scene where Cyborg, Batman, and Wonder Woman slip away within a split second when Commissioner Gordon and The Flash look confused. Weapons like plasma cannon and rocket launcher can be used at a good speed and they hardly require any recharge.

10. Self-healing

The Apokoliptan Mother Box is the key to Cyborg’s strength along with his healing. We have seen this in the battle with Steppenwolf where he managed to dismember Cyborg’s limbs. But despite that, in a few minutes, Cyborg was able to regenerate his complete body structure including his cybernetic and organic parts. Along with Cyborg’s exceptional strength, his healing ability also assures his longevity for an unspecified amount of time.

So these were the Strongest Powers of Cyborg in the Snyder Cut.

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