10 Spinoffs Of Popular TV Shows That Got Cancelled

The showrunners simply won’t let go, would they? When a popular show finally comes to an end, some producers and directors look for alternatives to let the money flow in. So, instead of creating a new story on new characters, they capitalize on existing characters. These characters are put into a new connected series and, Viola! you have a spinoff. These famous series were also supposed to get one but thankfully they got nixed at the last moment. Here are the 10 spinoffs of popular TV shows that were canceled.


Loyal fans have probably forgotten how many times they have rewatched “Friends” and wept during the last episode. After 10 successful seasons that the TV media had ever witnessed, the makers were keen to produce a spinoff. One of the spinoffs is obviously “Joey” which did release but didn’t receive the same love. While Joey moved to LA to pursue his acting career more seriously, Phoebe was supposed to move in with Charlie. The episode with Ross’s ex and Phoebe getting along well was written for the purpose of “Girlfriends”. But then Paul Rudd entered as Mike Hannigan and won Phoebe and the fans’ hearts.

Prison Break

TV Shows Spinoffs Got Cancelled
TV Shows Spinoffs Got Cancelled

The show that took everyone by storm was going to make a spinoff on an existing but unknown character. “Prison Break” was preparing to keep women’s prison as the theme and would have starred Molly. The show was titled “Prison Break: Cheryl Hill” but didn’t see the light of the day due to Molly’s unpopularity.

The Office

The beloved comedy was on its way to push out a new show called “The Farm”. Its first episode aired in the 17th episode of the ninth season of “The Office” during Aunt Shirley’s funeral. It featured “Silicon Valley” star Thomas Middletech as Dwight’s brother. He would have been the leader in the spinoff opposite Rainn Wilson and Majandra Delfino.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

TV Shows Spinoffs Got Cancelled
TV Shows Spinoffs Got Cancelled

In between old MCU shows being cut off from Netflix and new shows coming on Disney +, a spinoff on Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter was supposed to take place. “Marvel’s Most Wanted” is an unaired ABC show that was set in the MCU and would acknowledge its movies.

Gossip Girl

TV Shows Spinoffs Got Cancelled

Relax! “Gossip Girl” reboot is still happening and set to air in 2021. But long-long ago, the showrunners were interested in digging deep into Lily’s fascinating past. After all, Serena Van der Woodsen’s mother was no less than a primary and elite character. “Valley Girls” would have explored Lily’s troubled and rebellious days of youth. It even got a backdoor pilot in season 2 where we were taken to the 1980s.

Star Trek

Star Trek was on its second season when screenwriter Gene Roddenberry envisioned a new character and introduced him in the season finale. This character was a time-traveler on Earth who would have earned his own show titled “Assignment: Earth” had Gene got his way.

How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM started on a good note and attracted many viewers who were keen to find out the “mother” while enjoying watching the gang’s daily lives. But as the series proceeded and kept pushing out more and more seasons, fans lost interest in it. After tormenting us with eight seasons, only to introduce and kill the mother in the end, the showrunners decided to make a gender-swapped version- How I Met Your Father. Thankfully the network saved us the trouble and turned down the proposal.

Gilmore Girls

The classic drama “Gilmore Girls” had envisioned making a separate show on one of its characters- Jess Mariano. The spinoff was titled Gilmore Guys “Windward Circle”. Filming had even started and Milo Ventimiglia had even moved out of the original show. But since the expenses were more than the set budget, it was nixed before airing.


Doctor Who

After the emotional goodbye to Rose Tyler in the series, the showrunners were planning to bring her back in a series of special episodes for the holidays “Rose Tyler: Earth Defence”. But the producers knew that it would have undermined her warm exit from the original show.


TV Shows Spinoffs Got Cancelled
TV Shows Spinoffs Got Cancelled

Before Hollywood discovered Jason Momoa, DC superhero Aquaman was supposed to hit the small screens as a spinoff. It got a backdoor pilot in the “Aqua” episode of the fifth season in “Smallville”. We are glad it didn’t go further and even gladder how Momoa made Aquaman cool.

Honorable Mentions are-

The Simpsons: The Krusty The Clown Show

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Witchright Hall

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Ripper

TV Shows Spinoffs Got Cancelled
TV Shows Spinoffs Got Cancelled
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