Gilmore Girls

  • TelevisionTV Shows Spinoffs Got Cancelled

    10 Spinoffs Of Popular TV Shows That Got Cancelled

    The showrunners simply won’t let go, would they? When a popular show finally comes to an end, some producers and directors look for alternatives to let the money flow in. So, instead of creating a new story on new characters, they capitalize on existing characters. These characters are put into a new connected series and, Viola! you have a spinoff.…

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  • Celebskisses In TV Series That Actors Hated

    10 Kisses In TV Series That Actors Hated Filming

    You will be surprised to know that your most favorite TV show couples didn’t like their scripted kissing experience. No matter how romantic and ideal their chemistry was on screen, it was the exact opposite in real life. Well, the behind-the-scenes reality is always different from what we see on the screens. We know that the couples weren’t in LOVE…

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