Running Gags of The TV Shows That Were Never Revealed

Television has the power to bring our dreams and imagination to life, No matter what the genre is we always find ourselves truly devoted and indulged in those which catch our eyes and capture our minds. Shows are always there to flip your mood with their real or reel plotlines and storytelling.

But one thing that comes up with being a show addict is that you start observing and questioning things that the creators themselves might have missed or messed up. No matter how creative and exceptionally good you are as a creator, there is something that you can’t always explain to the audience and end up messing it up or leaving them all dumbfounded, but who doesn’t mess up, Right!  Like, remember when someone left a Starbucks coffee mug in the last season of the legendary show- Game of Thrones? Keeping in mind the questions raised by observant, here are some of the television plotlines that were never explained and left us all on a cliffhanger

Where is Fez from? (That 70s show)

Where was Fez from? This is one burning question that was never answered throughout the show. Fez, being one of the main leads of the show, That 70s show, never revealed his country of origin. We just know that he can’t speak fluent English, but can speak Dutch. We know that Fez is the full form of Foreign Exchange Student, with a Z, the name was given to him by the gang as they cannot pronounce his real name. The show makes his country of origin a mystery, which soon became a recurring gag.

The actor who played Fez, Wilmer Valderrama intentionally made Fez’s accent vague so that the viewers couldn’t guess his nationality. Some fan theories say that he is from Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Dutch Virgin Islands, etc. but even after nearly 15 years of the finale, it is still a mystery.

Who is the father of Rory’s child? (Gilmore Girls)

Don’t we all just hate it when a series ends with a cliffhanger and we are left with so many questions? One of those series is Gilmore girls, the popular teen, and family drama show. The final episode revealed that Rory is pregnant, but the makers left the father of her baby a mystery. The show was revived by Netflix in 2016 which was named, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and even there nothing was revealed. It seems we just have to rely on some speculations. There are quite a few contenders like Paul, Logan, or Jess who can be the potential father, but we will never know for sure.

Penny’s surname (The Big Bang Theory)

Running Gags of The TV Shows

Penny was the only main character on the show whose last name was not revealed. Sure she became Mrs. Penny Hofstadter after she married Leonard, but her maiden name was never revealed. This pop culture question is really anyone’s guess because no clue was given in the show. No matter how well we know Penny from her chilled out attitude to her bonding with the boys, there will always be something that will keep us from knowing her fully. The makers often say that they have a surname for Penny, but the show has been running so well without it that they do not wanna “jinx” it now, so this mystery will remain to haunt us.

Who is the mother of Barney’s baby girl? (How I Met Your Mother)

Can you imagine that even Barney’s story ended on a cliffhanger! The most open person on the show, who overshares everything, became the most mysterious one at the end of the popular show. It all started when Barney took a challenge to complete the “perfect month” in August, which means sleeping with different women each day, but to his shock, he gets to know that August has 31 days and not just 30. That no. 31 is the mother of Barney’s child.

Stinson never revealed her name, despite being continuously asked by the gang and I think he is taking this to his grave. He says that his baby girl is his “one true love” and he magically becomes respectful towards women, which was pretty big, considering the whole series showed us his legendary, yet pervy tales of Barney Stinson and his parade of meaningless hookups.

How did Chandler and Rachel forget each other? (FRIENDS)

Clearly, the makers forgot about this angle and it was a mistake on their behalf, and the viewers and fans were quick to notice it. In the pilot episode of FRIENDS, we see Monica introducing Rachel to Chandler as her friend, as if they are meeting for the first time, but in the flashback episodes we have often seen Chandler and Rachel meeting for thanksgiving and at a college party, where Rachel and Chandler even kiss! How can someone forget people they have kissed and met so many times? This was a rooky mistake and since it is FRIENDS, we can let it slide for good. But it does leave the fans with a burning question as we never got a clear answer on this one.

What was it about Damon’s blood? (The Vampire Diaries)

Running Gags of The TV Shows
Running Gags of The TV Shows

We all surely do love (Delene) Damon and Elena enough to last for a lifetime. They were toxic, passionate, and irrevocably in love with one another. Despite all this, there are certain elements in their relationship’s starting point that no one could understand completely. When Elena turned into a vampire the show gave us a big gig to talk about, but along with this, it breaded a lot of confusion. Why Elena was sired to Damon, why she was only able to consume his blood and deject any other, how come she grew super distant with Stefan right after she turned and why was she resentful of her own friends are some of the questions we all wanted the answers of.

Unfortunately, the show didn’t explain it properly, thus leaving us all to wonder and imagine the answers to these burning questions. Elena and Damon’s chemistry was for sure one of the best but at the same time, it was one of the most complicated ones we have ever seen. But as viewers, we all can ignore the past by saying that they were meant to end up together.

Who was that guy in Mindhunter?

Since Mindhunter, Netflix’s original, crime drama series, directed by the famous David Fincher, is inspired by real-life events. But the fans are left hanging in the midway and the suspense continues about the man who was often seen at the beginning of the show, doing mysterious things like burning the photographs of naked women and throwing out the trash, his identity isn’t revealed on the show yet. The viewers can Google and know that the man is actually the BTK Killer (“Bind, Torture, Kill”), who goes by the name of Dennis Rader, who brutally murdered 10 people between 1974 and 1991, but went unidentified and un-captured until 2005.

Running Gags of The TV Shows
Running Gags of The TV Shows

Sure the storyline in season 2 meets parallel with the BTK killer when Bill travels to Kansas to interview Kevin Bright, who survived the attack of BTK killer but his sister was murdered by him. Bright was shot in the head, but survived, being the only survivor of BTK. But now we will never know his full story and about his other victims as the show has been canceled as per the reports.

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