Black Panther: New DETAILS From The Movie Have Been REVEALED

Black Panther will not hit theatres until July 2018, but it seems like production is starting to come into place. The superhero has already made Marvel history by becoming MCU’s first black hero. Marvel went further by hiring a black director, Ryan Coogler to helm the project. The cast has also been out rightly black as they are based on comic book characters.


The film has added another cast member into the mix. Variety reports that Letitia Wright will be joining the cast as the character of Serita. As the character seems to be an original character for the movie, there is little that can be reported of the character. Wright is a newcomer whose past works include TV shows Banana and Cucumber.


The movie has also been given an official working title-Motherland. The title clearly seems to indicate that the story of Black Panther will also focus on the fictional country of Wakanda. The cast and crew have been open about the film’s focus on the hero’s homeland and origins. Chadwick Boseman had said in an interview with Yahoo! Movies:

 “You’re going to learn about Wakanda, its culture, its traditions, the past. You can go through all the comic books and know that there’s more Panthers that have existed in the past – that’s origin.”

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Director Ryan Coogler also revealed what the storyline of the upcoming movie will be about:

“Our standalone movie will begin shortly after Civil War ends. So we’ll be able to see him mourning and him starting to take command as king of his own nation. Lots of things are going to occur within regards to that. The country will be under threat from inside and out so we’ll learn what Wakanda is, that nation, as the most technologically advanced nation on the planet. Also, as Wakanda’s rise to prominence happens, it will affect the MCU moving forward which is really exciting.”

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