This Famous Ex-Cast Member Wants to Return To X-Men

The X-Men film franchise, began in 2000, introducing moviegoers to memorable superheroes Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Mystique and a whole slew of other characters onto the big screen. The franchise, being one of Fox’s oldest film franchises has also stumbled in a few films or two and created a few duds that every film fan would rather forget than remember. 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, in particular, was a standout for being the worst amongst fans.


The quality of the film, however, does not encompass the level of talent each actor put into their character. The Last Stand, for instance, introduced fans to comic book favorite Beast to the movie world. The mutant who is hairy and blue and smarter than any human was captured perfectly by the actor Kelsey Grammer. The actor brought out the scientific professional side of Dr. Hank McCoy and the scarier aspect of his personality. Grammer was unfortunate to have been introduced at such a pivotal time for the franchise.


X-Men, of course, was rebooted by Fox with a new cast and a different time lapse for a younger audience. This has not stopped the ex-castmates to hope for an appearance. Halle Barry had stated her interest to return in past interviews, and the use of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan in Apocalypse proved that it was possible, but not everyone is Hugh Jackman, so chances of a return might be slimmer than ever. Kelsey Grammer has joined the list of X-Men ex-cast members interested in coming back. The actor spoke with Comic Book  about his former role:

“Of course I would… Beast was a riot, I think he was underused… I believe that they should have done another Beast movie, you know with my Beast.”


Grammer did have a cameo in Days Of Future’s Past but the character of Beast has been played by Nicholas Hoult. Hoult might not be Grammer in the role, but he has brought his own personality into the role, making Beast a more relatable character than he was past portrayed.

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