Infinity War: Here’s Why Stormbreaker Looks More Like Ultimate Mjolnir and Not Beta Ray Bill’s Weapon

It seems like the Stormbreaker has also made a great space for itself in the hearts of fans. But, it has been noticed by the fans of comic books that the Stormbreaker which we have seen in Avengers: Infinity War actually looks like the original Mjolnir and not the original Stormbreaker hammer which was bestowed upon the rival of Thor who later on turned into his ally Beta Ray Bill.

But, all the confusion and answers of all the questions has been answered by the man himself Ryan Meinerding who as explained in ‘The Art of Avengers: Infinity War’, that while the making of Original Stormbreaker it was getting a  lot of resemblance from the original Mjolnir and that was the reason because of which Meinerding turned in order to find inspiration from the Ultimate Mjolnir as he has stated that,’

“I always felt that Beta Ray Bill’s weapon form the comics – Stormbreaker – was a little too similar to Mjolnir,” Meinerding explains. “So I was looking to more of the Mjolnir from The Ultimates, where it has more corners and edges, and feels more like a heavy, solid thing as opposed to another Mjolnir-sized weapon–almost that it feels unbalanced. It’s almost too powerful. It really takes someone incredibly powerful just to pick it up because it’s such an unbalanced weapon.”

Infinity War: Here’s Why Stormbreaker Looks More Like Ultimate Mjolnir and Not Beta Ray Bill's Weapon

There’s no doubt that the Stormbreaker we have seen in the movie Infinity War was a lot different than the one we have seen in the comic books in all these years. As we have seen in the movie that Groot was the one who acts as the hands for the famous Eitri the Dwarf who was the one who helped Thor in order to make the Stormbreaker and that’s why the handle of the Stormbreaker was made from a piece of Groot.

Also, concept artist John Staub has stated his views about this whole issue by stating that,

“The original scene in the script just said ‘Groot helps Eitri,’ giving me a lot of freedom to come up with something interesting and unique,” John Staub, concept artist explains in the book. “I was handed the script with the scene and was trusted to come up with something cool. A minimal direction was given to me, which left room for my ideas to come through. We already know that Groot can extend and reshape his arms when he fights I thought it would be cool to see him use them in a more utilitarian manner, like to help pick things up or to build something. I also thought it would be kind of cute to see Groot hanging on the back of Eitri like a backpack as they banter to each other about their situation I set up the scene in a simple way that focused on showing how Groot would help Eitri–nothing too dynamic or intense, something more straightforward. It was really fun to draw this scene thinking about the different ways Groot would act almost like a living exosuit and help Eitri do his work.”

There are a lot of great things we have seen in the movie and this is one of the most interesting things which we found in the movie Infinity War. With each week passing, the time for the release of the gigantic movie is simply getting closer and closer and as we all know that there are a lot of things in the movie which we are going to see in the movie.

Also, we all know that the movie is going to feature some memorable and known faces from the past movies in Avengers 4 as we all know that Crossbones and Ancient One are going to come in the Avengers 4. but, we don’t know in which state or for what role they’re going to come in the movie. But, we are blessed to see Ancient One again and is a really good news for all the MCU fans out there.

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