10 Deleted Scenes From Movies That Directors Should Have Kept

Writers and Directors spent days and nights visualizing a story. Even if they have a great plot in mind, the bigger challenge is to translate it on the big screen. Just like you cannot say everything that comes to your mind, the directors also have to filter out their stories to fit it in the limited 2 to 3 hours. After the whole filming process is done, they have to keep a big stone on their hearts, choose the best scenes, and let go of others. The final call to keep or discard a part rests upon many shoulders such as the producers, test audience, editing team, etc. Sadly, many filmed parts fail to crawl their way up to the silver screen. So, we have collected some crucial scenes that were unceremoniously removed from the film. Find out the 10 deleted scenes from famous movies that directors should have kept.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter franchise was one of the best book adaptions in history but even the film had to take the liberty to strip off major events from the books. However, two essential parts from the Deathly Hallows had made it to the filming but were removed from the final footage later. The surprising part where Dudley apologized to Harry and showed concerns for him while his father was urging them to leave ASAP was filmed for the movie. Even Lupin asking Harry to become his child’s godfather was removed from the final cut.

Terminator 2

Deleted Scenes From Movies
Deleted Scenes From Movies

There wouldn’t have been a Terminator 3 and so on had the film gone with James Cameron’s original idea. The franchise would have seen a happy ending with an old Sarah Connor was sitting on a park bench and telling that Judgment Day never happened.

Pretty Woman

In the classic romantic movie, we mostly remember the bubble baths, and of course the sweet chemistry and buying pretty dresses. But one of the deleted scenes also showed Richard Gere’s Edward Lewis helping Julia Roberts’ Vivian to quit cocaine because wealthy people are the personification of anti-drugs and clean lifestyle.

Rambo: First Blood

Deleted Scenes From Movies
Deleted Scenes From Movies

Rambo wasn’t just a tough guy moving around with a rifle and taking down his rivals. According to reports, the director had planned only for one part. But the producers envisioned a franchise for “First Blood” and changed the script that could be continued to a sequel. In the original ending of the first film, Rambo was seen attempting suicide with the help of someone. But the whole footage had to be dropped and they had to reshoot a new ending.


One scene can change the whole meaning of the story. That’s what happened after a scene concerning Loki was unceremoniously removed from Thor. In the movie, we saw Loki going by Odin’s bed and talking to Frigga, giving the impression that he wanted to check how far Odin was from waking up so he could usurp the throne. But a deleted scene would have clarified the whole thing and given more depth to Loki’s character. In this part, he was legitimately given the throne and Tom Hiddleston’s amazing acting reflected Loki’s thoughts- from his disbelief to his reluctance and then looking at Frigga for reassurance. We would have loved to watch this scene at the cost of Thor and Jane’s love story.

Back To The Future

This is one of the rarest scenes that we are grateful it was deleted. “Back To The Future” was shot in a time when movies and sitcoms like “Friends” thought homophobic jokes were funny. Thankfully, the film realized that they were headed in the wrong direction and rectified it before hitting the final cut. In this deleted clip, Marty said “This is the kinda thing that could screw me up permanently…. What if I go back to the future and I end up being… gay?”


Deleted Scenes From Movies
Deleted Scenes From Movies

The deleted scene in Alien showed a monstrous creature walking around in an awkward way to inflict fear. But it was far from being scary and would have thrown the audience off their seats in laughter. So the director decided to keep imagination in his mind and not translate it on the screen.

The Dark Knight Rises

In Scarecrow’s court, he used to sentence the accused with either exile on the frozen bay or death without any trial. A deleted line explained the motive behind it. When Gordon asked what sort of a trial it was without any defense or hearing, Crane referred to Harvey Dent’s “Dent Act” where the accused were stripped of any rights to appeal. Crane’s said, “No more than you gave Dent’s prisoners”.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The film would have explained how Ferris financed his luxurious day off in a logical way. According to a deleted scene, he stole his father’s bonds and liquidated them. We can’t help but wonder what would have hurt his dad more, stealing or depriving him of the fat interest rates.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Deleted Scenes From Movies
Deleted Scenes From Movies

The central plot of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” revolved around the mysterious murder of Marvin Acme. Despite being the prime part of the film, the producers decided to chop off his funeral. They thought it was too much to show crying cartoon characters attending a funeral.

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