10 Things To Know About Christian Bale’s Thor 4 Villain

Things about Thor 4 Villain:

Thor has become an undeniable part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe throughout the years with a really compelling storyline and epic battles. From his journey to becoming worthy for the Mjolnir, to avenging the death of his loved ones, Thor has really developed as a character. But there comes a time where the greatest heroes will encounter a foe that is too powerful to overcome. In recent comics, Thor has faced an enemy that exceeds all others: Gorr the God Butcher. And as of recently announced, Christian Bale will be playing Gorr the God Butcher. Although his past is shrouded in mystery, it is clear that Gorr covets a universe devoid of godlings more than anything. No one has ever come close to defeating him, and there is no question that Gorr’s power dwarfs that of the God of Thunder. So when he comes face to face with Thor, the battle would be legendary.

God-Bomb is a Weapon to Kill All Gods in Marvel

Here are the top 10 things that you must know about Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher:

Tragic History

His people were known for their utter devotion to their godly pantheon. But Gorr’s belief in a higher being was put to the test when he lost his parents at a young age. Even though his faith was rekindled after he got married, he was left heartbroken once again when his wife and children died one by one from his planet’s harsh environment. 

Countless Gods Fell Before Him

After being blessed with the All-Black, there was virtually no one that could stand against Gorr. No self-titled “immortal” has ever come close to defeating Gorr, and only a handful have survived an encounter with him (Thor included). With his newfound might, the God Butcher has spent 3,000 years traveling from planet to planet, annihilating entire pantheons.

After being blessed with the All-Black, there was virtually no one that could stand against Gorr. No self-titled “immortal” has ever come close to defeating Gorr, and only a handful have survived an encounter with him (Thor included). With his newfound might, the God Butcher has spent 3,000 years traveling from planet to planet, annihilating entire pantheons.

Symbiotes Tied To His Weapon

Eons ago, Knull forged the All-Black sword from his own shadow to create an army to destroy celestial beings called… em… Celestials. This weapon was the original symbiote and is considered the most powerful one by far. Like the rest of its race, the All-Black is parasitic and thus forces its host to become violent and prey on the weak to sustain itself. When Gorr first encountered Knull, the demonic deity had gone in a dormant state to heal from his wounds and so wasn’t aware Gorr had taken his blade until much later.

Despite the pair’s connection, Knull and Gorr have never had any form of communication with each other. Because their destinies are clearly intertwined, there is no question the Dark God and the God Butcher will meet again in the future.

Previous Encounter With Thor

During the 9th century, Gorr made his way to Earth and killed members of the Native-American and Slavic pantheon. This got the attention of a young Thor, who challenged the god-killer. During this time, Thor was a young Asgardian – only a few hundred years old – and so was much more inclined to overestimate his fighting skills. Because of this, he assumed Gorr would be easy pickings. On the contrary, their first encounter was the closest Thor had ever come to losing his life.

Since Gorr was unfamiliar with Thor, he believed that he would lead him to a new pantheon of gods to kill. After tracking him down, Gorr tortured him for weeks, hoping to learn the location of Asgard. When Gorr was distracted by a group of Norse worshippers, Thor sliced off Gorr’s arm and escaped. Unaware of the power of the All-Black, Thor believed Gorr perished from his injuries and so he would never have to deal with him again.

Powerless Without His Weapon

After bonding with the All-Black, Gorr became borderline invincible. But without it, he has no powers whatsoever. Because of this, you’d assume the easiest way to defeat Gorr is to separate him from his blade. But it isn’t, and if it were possible, someone would have managed to do so in the countless battles he has had over the millennia. The God Butcher becomes stronger every time he uses his dark sword to take the life of a deity. After slaughtering millions, he has become even more powerful than the All-Black’s creator, Knull. The Necrosword has bonded with Gorr on a cellular level, making it almost impossible for it be disconnected from him. Because Gorr’s consciousness still remained on the All-Black, he was revived. So long as the All-Black exists, it’s very possible that Gorr will never truly die.

Has An Army To His Name

After Thor hacked off his arm during their first battle, Gorr discovered he wasn’t as indestructible as he once believed. The God Butcher created offshoots from the All-Black, called Black Berserkers, to serve as his bodyguards. Every time Gorr killed a sacred being, he left one of these beastly creatures to safeguard the corpse to ensure no one uncovered his deicidal crusade. Over the years, Gorr has created thousands of Berserkers, each one strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Thor. Not only that, Gorr can use the All-Black to manifest a colossal Berserker called the Black Leviathan. As his power increased over time, Gorr was able to conjure symbiotic planetoids called Berserker Moons.

Has A Doomsday Device

After dedicating 3,000 years to decide, Gorr still wasn’t close to wiping out every self-proclaimed immortal in the cosmos. For all his might, the gods were simply too numerous for him to hunt and kill every single one of them. When he stumbled upon the God of Bombs, Shadrak, Gorr ordered him to build a doomsday device called the Godbomb that would simultaneously obliterate every godly entity in the past, present, and future. Despite his talent for destruction, Shadrak had no intention of constructing such a device for Gorr. But after the Butcher cut off his eyelids and forced him to watch other gods being dissected, Shadrak relented.

After Thor successfully defused the Godbomb, Shadrak abandoned his mantle as the God of Bombs and took on the name the God of Daffodils and Documentation (although he also likes being known as the God of Kittens, Coconuts, and Somersaults). Shadrak now works in a library in Omnipotence City that archives the exploits of every cataloged deity. Unsurprisingly, Shadrak regularly reads the books dedicated to Thor.

Thor Teamed Up With Himself To Defeat Gorr

When Thor discovered a slew of murdered gods in the modern age, he deduced Gorr has survived their encounter centuries prior. During this time, Gorr used the blood of several Time Gods to time-travel to the future where he created a central base. While in this time period, he was confronted by an elderly Thor, who had become the All-Father of Asgard. Recognizing him as the same god he met during the 9th century, Gorr enslaved King Thor and constantly ridiculed him for his failings. With the Thors beaten within an inch of their life, death seemed inevitable. Thankfully, every god across space and time began praying to the Thor trio, magnifying their power exponentially. With their newfound might, the Thor troupe finally managed to defeat the God Butcher.

He Is Not The Only God Butcher

Een after Thor defeated Gorr, the line of horror did not end for Thor. All-Black is virtually indestructible, and Thor new that it is a matter of time till somebody uses it to become the new God Butcher. And if there is a god-killing weapon in the cosmos, there is no way that Thor’s devious stepbrother Loki wouldn’t try and claim it for himself. Millions of years in the future, Loki bonded with the All-Black so he could finally rid Asgard of his sibling. Like all of his schemes, Loki did not get the results he desired after merging with the All-Black.

Using the weapon awakened Gorr’s consciousness, allowing him to take control of the All-Black once more. After an epic battle that collapsed stars and leveled solar systems, the All-Black was ripped from Gorr yet again. Gorr’s mind was wiped, ridding him of his hatred of gods.

He Made Thor Unworthy

Gorr explained to Thor (while bashing him in the face) that his genocidal mission was noble since all gods don’t really care about the mortals they are sworn to protect. After the God of Thunder defeated Gorr, he spoke to the Unseen, an entity who chronicles all events connected to Earth, about the God Butcher’s words. The Unseen then said the three most terrifying words Thor ever heard; “Gorr was right.” Because the Unseen can only speak the truth, Thor was rattled after acknowledging that his own kind was selfish. This devastated Thor’s self-confidence so badly, he was no longer capable of lifting his enchanted weapon, Mjolnir.

Losing his power and title, the former Thor took on the name, Odinson. When Malekith cleaved his arm from his body, the founding Avenger fell into further despair. In the thousands of years of safeguarding the cosmos, never had the mighty Thor fallen so far.

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