How Were Ultron And Vision Created Without The Mind Stone

The What If…? Episodes seem to take a hard left turn when you least expect it. While watching the latest episode of the show we expected that things would be rather chill considering the main theme of the episode was Party Thor. But no, there was a big twist at the end that even had the most skeptical fan shrieking with the combination of fear and delight. In the final scenes, we see Ultron arrive on earth with an army and holding all the six infinity stones. But our question is just how were Ultron and Vision created without the Mind Stone.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded to unprecedented depths in the last few years. Ever since Infinity War and Endgame, we are seeing quite a different MCU than before. Many people expected that things will slow down after the Infinity saga ended but Marvel Studios seems to have no intention of slowing down. It is beginning to feel like that the infinity war was only the beginning. There is a lot more to come, especially after the release of the What If…? Series. Every new episode showcases a disaster we haven’t witnessed before.


Something similar happens in this episode with Ultron’s arrival. We can’t seem to make heads or tails of it. Ultron is here way before he is created in the original timeline and he is carrying all the six infinity stones. This is more than a slight deviation from the original timeline. But we have a theory of how this may have happened in this particular universe. We think that the mind stone may have been the source of the menace in this timeline.


Ultron And Vision Created without The Mind Stone

But the perpetrator was none other than The Mad Titan. We believe that like in the original timeline Thanos is still in the possession of the mind stone at the start of the timeline. Although there is a slight change in how things might have gone down. In the sacred timeline, Thanos used Loki’s lust for power to make him his lackey. He then armed the God of mischief with the mind stone and sent him to conquer earth in an attempt to secure the space stone. In this timeline, however, Loki never became the prince of Asgard and so he never had that lust for power.


So we believe Thanos may have sought to harness the power of the mind stone. This would have resulted in him experimenting with the stone much like what Stark does in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It is speculated that at this point Thanos may have discovered Ultron inside the mind gem much like how Stark discovered it. The creation of an AI around this consciousness has disastrous effects as we have already found out. But since Ultron has all the six gems he was likely created by Thanos.


We speculate that Ultron came to life aboard Thanos’ ship and quickly took over the entire thing. After which, he would have attempted to destroy his creator just like in the original timeline. The only difference being he must have succeeded in eliminating Thanos because at the end of the show he has all six stones. The only stone that would have been relatively hard to acquire would have been the one guarded by Odin. But since all the Asgardians were asleep or busy partying, taking the stone would have been easy for Ultron.


The New Threat

Moreover, to acquire the limestone Ultron must have had to destroy the ancient one. That is a common understanding but not necessary for stealing the stone. Given how smart he is, Ultron must have teleported directly into the chamber using the space stone and acquired the Time Stone from the vault. This would explain how Ultron and Vision were created without the mind stone. The entire thing seems gruesome but it is nothing compared to the battle that is about to come.


What do you think will happen now that Ultron has an army and all six stones. Do you think he will use the body of vision and the power of the stones to cleanse humanity of its sins? Do you think Ultron has an ulterior motive that we don’t know of? Are you satisfied with our answer to How were Ultron and Vision created without the Mind Stone? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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