Is the latest Hrithik Roshan Starrer Kaabil Plagiarized From Netflix Daredevil?

The World Wide Web has made the world, so wide and vast into a global village. And like any village. The instant connection has offered people to experience things that they may not be aware of or discover new things that they may have never known about. On the entertainment front, Bollywood- the Indian version of Hollywood has offered the global community a taste of India with superstars like Hrithik Roshan, even garnering more of a following than any Hollywood movie. So should the rumors of Bollywood plagiarizing a Netflix series like Daredevil be true?

Is the latest Hritik Roshan Starrer Kaabil Plagiarized From Netflix Daredevil?

 Even though movies are made by different storytellers, there is bound to be similarities no matter what language as human emotion knows no language. But sometimes the line between outright copying and being influenced becomes a bit gray, depending on who sees it from their point of view. Netflix and Marvel teamed up to make the superhero Daredevil’s story come to life on television. The blind hero and his struggles, as well as victories, has hit a chord with its audience, characters-both garnering a huge fan following.

Fans were on alert when they saw certain similarities between Daredevil and the Bollywood movie Kaabil. Rumors started to arise that Netflix would be taking legal action against the movie for blatant plagiarism.

 Daredevil fans dissected the similarities characters both characters have the story of being tragically blinded because of a freak event. Their lives are then plagued by tragedy, and both protagonists go on to seek revenge against those who’ve wronged them.
That is where the similarities end. As Daredevil also concentrates on the corrupt underbelly of New York City’s Hells Kitchen and Kaabil focuses on the protagonist’s quest for vengeance. Daredevil also has super heard and reflexes and more strength than the average man.
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In spite of all the fan furor, neither Netflix nor the Kaabil team has actually lawyered up due to the accusations.Sanjay Gupta, the director of Kaabil told the Mumbai Mirror:
“It’s a preposterous comparison because Hrithik (Roshan) is not a superhero in Kaabil. His character is a blind man who does what he does best. In Daredevil, the protagonist fights 30 people at the same time. None of that is happening in Kaabil. If they sue us, we will definitely fight back.”

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