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10 Most Embarrassing Movies That Big Name Actors Did Just For The Money

Some of the best movies comprise of a brilliant performance by the actors being cast for the role. These performances make a certain addition to the cast of the movie and at the same time elevate the movie to new levels. Sometimes the most terrible plots could be saved by some of the greatest performances. But at the same time, some studios force some of these fine actors to be in their movies. This could affect both the movie itself and at the same time the career of the star. The star is now forced to carry the entire movie on his or her shoulders which is just a sick ploy used by the studios. Let’s look at some of the Most Embarrassing Movies the A-list actors did just for the money.

The Most Embarrassing Movies for Big Name Actors

Inchon (Laurence Olivier)

The best of the actors can also be made to work in a movie just with the paycheck. Laurence Olivier is one of the most respected actors in the world. His acting performances range from the cinema to the stage. When he was questioned for his association with this movie his response was absolutely solid. “I’ve earned the right to damn well grab whatever I can in the time I’ve got left,” was his stern reply.


Poseidon (Richard Dreyfuss)

Richard Dreyfuss is one of the greatest actors to come from the golden period of cinema. He has been associated with movies that ranged from sci-fi to crisis movies. But his appearance in this terrible remake of one of the water crisis movies is really weird considering his appearance makes us wonder hard. His response to appearing in the movie is that he did it for the money.


The Transformer Movie (Orson Welles)

It is actually surprising to even associate this legend with this role. It’s no surprise that even he couldn’t care less about the movie. When asked about what he plays he responded by stating that he voiced a toy. It is absolutely clear that he did play it just for the fat paycheck. It is absolutely bizarre to even imagine that he completed his voice work for the movie.


Super Mario Bros. (Bob Hoskins)

Most Embarrassing Movies

Bob Hosking is amongst the league of some of the most amazing UK actors. He has appeared in some of the best projects in the history of cinema. One of the projects included him acting next to animated characters in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. But if you ask him what was his most hateful work, his answer would be Super Mario Bros. This was the project that he absolutely hated being a part of. The movie was a terrible mess.


The Shaggy Dog (Robert Downey Jr.)

Rober Downey Jr. has had a roller-coaster of a career before appearing as the Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He gave an Oscar-nominated performance in 1992 with Chaplin. His appearance in Ally McBeal has been his means to get back at mainstream after that. But the most bizarre thing he probably did was appear as a character who barks and fetches like a dog in the 2006 movie, The Shaggy Dog. 


Catwoman (Halle Berry)

Halle Berry was riding high with her successful career that included an Oscar win. It’s an absolute wonder to even imagine what Warner Bros. must have been thinking when they cast her in the titular role of CatwomanThe movie has the most cringe-filled moments in a movie based on a heroic character. She even won at the Razzies in 2005 for the Worst Actress. She even accepted the movie was a “piece of sh*t“.


Jaws: The Revenge (Michael Caine)

Jaws is one of the greatest cinematic events in the history of cinema. It was a grounded film. The sequels never came anywhere close to the original film. The story even continued bizarrely about how the sharks now started going around the Brody family. But that’s not all for the bizarre movie as we get to see Michael Caine appear in a key role in the movie. Caine has actually confirmed that he didn’t care to even watch the movie.


Theodore Rex (Whoopi Goldberg)

Most Embarrassing Movies

If you describe this movie to someone they wouldn’t believe that it actually exists. The movie was so bad that Whoopi Goldberg went to court to get out of her contract. She was paired with an animatronic talking dinosaur director to investigate a series of “dino-murders”. She went to court with the idea that the studio would give up on her and yet they gave her a larger fee to appear in the movie. The movie holds a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


The Party At Kitty And Studs (Sylvester Stallone)

Sylvester Stallone had to struggle to reach where he has and that’s evident from his body of work. At the very beginning of the movie, he appeared in a softcore pornography film. The movie dealt with the sex life of a young couple. The movie was something he had to commit to because of desperation because he was homeless for a few days. The money was the only reason he jumped into the project.


Movie 43 (Everyone)

It’s absolutely bizarre to even think that this movie exists. It’s the most awful project that has come out of Hollywood with such big names associated with it. The idea behind the movie was another attempt at something to the likes of the Kentucky Fried Chicken movie. It is a compilation of shorts with a large cast of actors appearing in it. Most of these actors have agreed to the fact that they hated being a part of this movie.

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