Infinity War – Here’s Why Groot (of all people) Lifted Thor’s Hammer

Infinity War, in a lot of ways, did something that no superhero movie has done before. It culminated a franchise that has been able to retain its novelty despite the quantum of characters and story arcs it has to manage. Maybe that is why the movie is so close to the hearts of Marvel fans. We not only see the universe culminating into one big final act but we, as an audience, also get a lot of story for our favorite characters. But the problem is when you have such a plethora of strong characters you get more quantum in the story but less quality.

Although there are a lot of payoffs that are to be appreciated in infinity war there are also key story points that lack depth and ultimately cause a viewer to disconnect with the world the movie is trying to present.

The entire premise gets more interesting when you realize that there are underdeveloped characters and story arcs like Gamora and Thanos, Gamora and Nebula, Drax and Quill, and Groot. Characters like this that had incredible subplots from the inception of the franchise and that now get their limelight moments.

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One of such moments came when the God of Thunder seeked to forge a new weapon to focus his powers. This hunt for power led Thor to Nidallever (the forge of the Gods) run by dwarves. We see a beaten Thor open the eye of a collapsing star to allow the building of the new weapon. Being exposed to this cosmic power almost kills Thor until Groot comes to his aid and finishes forging the Stormbreaker. This Stormbreaker is a special weapon because it not only has the power of Thunder but also a part of a sentient tree. But hold on, how is this possible? How is Groot able to wield the weapon of Kings? Well, here we are attempting to answer that very question. The Russo brothers took to their twitter account when a fan raised this question to the directors.

“Mjolnir requires worthiness, not Stormbreaker,” the Russos tweeted from the official Avengers Twitter account.

They also added some information about the heartbreaking exchange from Infinity War where Thor unloads all of his worries and sadness on the rocket.

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“Totally, [it’s] one of our favorite scenes in the movie. Thor is at his lowest point that he’s been in any of the films. He’s lost everything. And he’s been partnered up with Rocket, who is perhaps one of the least emotional characters in the Marvel universe,” Joe Russo said. “We thought that would be an interesting pairing if Thor had to pour his heart out to a character who — to a certain extent — lacks empathy, and see if it would affect that character in some way. I think what we love so much about the scene is how complicated the scene is. It’s at times absurd and funny and completely tragic.”

Anthony Russo added, “It’s a threshold moment for the character where you really realize he has nothing left. And for us as storytellers, it’s a wonderful place to take a character when you strip everything away. That’s something that we tried to do with Captain America throughout our run with him, so to have Thor in a similar place and to be able to find what’s left when you take everything away from Thor, it’s a great journey for us as storytellers.”

The character of Thor has been a benchmark in character development when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have seen the man develop from a lowly God with a big head into a hard-wrought warrior who can virtually punch the living daylights out of the Titan known as Thanos. The entire premise of the character development being that the avenger who has lost everything now wields the power to protect the cosmos. Starting from scratch and now reaching the very top.

Infinity War - Here's Why Groot (of all people) Lifted Thor's Hammer

The power of Thor will be imperative in determining the fate of the universe come Avengers 4. We are on the cusp of witnessing a paradigm shift in entertainment and Thor and Groot are smack in the middle of it. Do you think the directors are giving us the correct information, or are they just messing with us? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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