The Vampire Diaries

  • HollywoodTeenage Characters Played By Older Actors

    Famous Teenage Characters Played By Older Actors

    The beauty, the looks, the fineness of one’s look goes away with age is what we all have grown up to believe, but does it really? I mean how many times do we walk around the street and see all kinds of people, some over mature, some adaptive teens, and some who their age with a mask of childish innocence,…

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  • HollywoodRunning Gags of The TV Shows

    Running Gags of The TV Shows That Were Never Revealed

    Television has the power to bring our dreams and imagination to life, No matter what the genre is we always find ourselves truly devoted and indulged in those which catch our eyes and capture our minds. Shows are always there to flip your mood with their real or reel plotlines and storytelling. But one thing that comes up with being…

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  • TelevisionBad Guys Joined Heroes

    10 Times Bad Guys Changed And Joined The Team of Heroes

    Everybody loves stories that beautiful craft the character development. And nothing feels more refreshing than a negative character becoming good with the influence of their environment. It makes us believe that no one bad, it’s the situation that makes them that way. No matter what the theme or genre of the movie or series is, this transformation in a character…

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  • Celebskisses In TV Series That Actors Hated

    10 Kisses In TV Series That Actors Hated Filming

    You will be surprised to know that your most favorite TV show couples didn’t like their scripted kissing experience. No matter how romantic and ideal their chemistry was on screen, it was the exact opposite in real life. Well, the behind-the-scenes reality is always different from what we see on the screens. We know that the couples weren’t in LOVE…

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  • HollywoodPopular TV Series Died Over Seasons

    10 Popular TV Series That Gradually Died Over The Seasons

    The first impression is not always the last impression. Some TV shows started with a bang, attracting millions of viewers from across the globe. They instantly became so trendy that fans couldn’t help themselves from promoting the show to everyone. Sadly, the showrunners couldn’t maintain the quality of the show for long. They stretched the series too far for several…

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  • QB Memes

    20 Awesome The Vampire Diaries Memes That Will Make You Giggle

    The Vampire Diaries is now a thing of the past, and we all shall miss this epic show forever. It was a wild ride and we enjoyed every minute of it. In every season, there is one big scary monster out to destroy mystic falls or cause great suffering to our favorite characters. Check out the happiest memes that will…

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  • News

    This TV Sensation Wants To Play A Major Batman Character In DC Universe

    The Batman has left fans on a limb when it comes to its release date or its initial production stage. The movie, which will be written and directed by Ben Affleck will also have a cast which includes J.K Simmons and Joe Manganiello along with Affleck himself. But will the movie have room for one more actress? While promoting xXx:…

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