10 Popular TV Series That Gradually Died Over The Seasons

The first impression is not always the last impression. Some TV shows started with a bang, attracting millions of viewers from across the globe. They instantly became so trendy that fans couldn’t help themselves from promoting the show to everyone. Sadly, the showrunners couldn’t maintain the quality of the show for long. They stretched the series too far for several seasons unnecessarily. Some things are more precious when they end with time. Just look at Netflix’s “Dark” which retained its status and quality by wrapping things up in 3 seasons. But there are shows like “How I Met Your Mother” and “Supernatural” that kept pleading “just one more” and exhausted us terribly. Here are the 10 popular TV series that died with time.

The Vampire Diaries

If there’s one show that took the teenagers by storm and began a new generation, it had to be “The Vampire Diaries”. It brought the wildest fantasies of the young-adult audience on screen with action, thriller, sex, and love triangles. It’s about a girl torn between two hot vampire brothers who were madly in love with her-one was the sexy brooding one and the other was the bad boy. It was not like a typical romance but had gripping plotlines every season. However, as the seasons went by, the show kept repeating its plot and the villains and dead characters kept returning from their death. It further had a steep fall after the lead lady, Nina Dobrev walked out of the show, leaving new characters and bizarre plots for the audience to digest.

The Big Bang Theory

Popular TV Series Died Over Seasons

The nerd-themed sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” started with a huge bang among a niche group of audience. It slowly expanded to a larger portion of viewers and climbed up the ladder to become one of the top 5 popular comedies. However, the original fans of the show were disappointed with the later seasons when the characters and the theme deviated from the sci-fi and geeky topics and landed on a typical rom-com theme. The last few seasons became all about the characters’ relationships, marriages, and families. Even Sheldon Cooper wasn’t Sheldon Cooper anymore.


A show about a group of plane crash survivors stranded on an island and discovering mind-boggling mysteries was something no one could resist. The audience was hooked on the engaging plot addictively until the show gradually adopted a complicated plot based on mythology. Some fans stayed loyal to it and even liked the plot unfolding itself. But a majority of the fans lost their interest and moved on to something else.

Two and a Half Men

“Two and a Half Men” is also counted in the iconic comedies that the audience loves to rewatch the episodes from time to time. The show about two brothers and the younger’s son was hilarious but had a lifeline that it shouldn’t have overstretched. It had run its course even before Charlie Sheen was fired and replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

The Walking Dead

Popular TV Series Died Over Seasons
Popular TV Series Died Over Seasons

“The Walking Dead” used to be a popular show based on zombie apocalypse survival. It won the confidence of the audience and critics initially but couldn’t retain its name. It has run out of fresh and interesting plot twists and keeps dragging the episodes with unnecessary slow fillers.

How I Met Your Mother

The one show that started with huge popularity but fooled us for nine seasons is HIMYM. Everyone enjoyed the light-hearted episodes about a young man’s dating life before he met the mother of his kids. The show ran on the day-to-day lives of the five friends in the personal and professional front. The audience kept waiting and waiting for the titular “mother” to show up until their hair turned grey. She finally appeared in the last season only for brief moments and died in the same season. And what happened in the end? Ted Mosby went back to his love Robin who accepted him with open arms after previously dumping him a thousand times to be with Barney Stinson whom she ended up divorcing.


Popular TV Series Died Over Seasons
Popular TV Series Died Over Seasons

“Dexter” introduced a fresh concept in 2006 about a serial killer who hunted down and killed other killers. The audience was booked and hooked with this captivating thriller that kept adding twisting plots every episode. But with time, it started to fall from its highest point and grabbed onto unrealistic and romantic plotlines that didn’t cater to its audience’s palette.


Whoever thought of growing emotionally close to a horror-based show. “Supernatural” was a thriller about two brothers who fought monsters as well as their inner emotional troubles. It had a powerful beginning with new plotlines every week with amazing suspense. The Winchester brothers kept solving the short ghost-mysteries in each episode while the major storyline kept running in the background. We went through a storm of emotions during its course and kept clutching on to our bedsheets till the end. Even though the creator left after the 5th season since he was done with the story he had in mind, the show kept dragging its feet. The audience was tired of watching the characters dying a million times and coming to life from hell and purgatory. After exploring all the mythological creatures over the years, it has finally ended with Season 15.

The Simpsons

“The Simpsons” is the golden treasure of the animated TV series genre that has been ruling the small screen since 1989. It used to be one of the most beloved shows but has somehow lost its charm in recent times. Some feel that the show has been running for so long that its plot and jokes are repeating themselves and aren’t hitting the target audience anymore.

Family Guy

Popular TV Series Died Over Seasons
Popular TV Series Died Over Seasons

Just like the animated show above, “Family Guy” was also the most-watched animated series for comedy. It did get some flak for using controversial and social issues in its jokes but managed to stay on top of the pedestal. It ended in 2003 but was compelled to return due to fan requests. However, even the director regrets bringing it back as the show is running out of its magic and humor.

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