8 Worst Episodes of Otherwise Awesome TV Shows

Even geniuses can make mistakes. After all, no one is perfect. But it’s hard to accept this truth when it comes to our favorites TV series. If we like it and spend hours binge-watching it like zombies, then every episode must be perfect. After all, we go out recommending these series and one bad episode can undermine our stamp. These series have scored critical acclamation and sky-reaching viewership with a team of excellent writers, directors, producers, creative heads, and A-list actors. But they couldn’t escape from being guilty of airing that one embarrassing and sh#tty episode. Here are the 8 worst episodes of otherwise awesome TV shows.

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Last Forever: Part Two- How I Met Your Mother

After “Friends”, it was HIMYM whose theme of friendship hooked the viewers. The light-hearted show ran on a similar ground of a gang of grownups hanging out at a bar/ coffee house to discuss their day to day challenges with the world. It wasn’t meant to be a kickass comedy that throws off the couch but it was decently a feel-good drama. Loyal fans never left Ted’s company and had their eyes stuck on the screen for years and nine seasons to find out the “mother”.

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The “mother” finally appeared in the last season for a few scenes, died, and left Ted to patch up with Robin. With this WTF! ending, fans were left speechless. They didn’t just go through nine effing seasons to watch Ted, Robin, and Barney hookup, patch-up, and hook up till the end. It took the poor fans nine years to realize that the whole build-up was not about the mother of Ted’s kids but about Ted’s romance with Robin whom he met in the very first episode.

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The Waldo Moment- Black Mirror

One of the darkest SciFi shows that send you on deep thought has to be “Black Mirror”. Its clever writing and chilly inventions hurt like frostbite. Unfortunately, “The Waldo Moment” in Season 2 about a comedian failed to delve much into the concept and disappointed the audience.

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Scott’s Tots- The Office

Worst Episodes of Awesome TV Shows

When it comes to the top 5 American sitcoms, “The Office” has been reveling amongst to top names for years. The show ran from 2005-2013 but still keeps attracting new fans every day. While everyone enjoys the eccentric and cringe-worthy comedy of the show, no one could take in “Scott’s Tots” in season 6. It’s been years and loyal fans of the show still troll this episode. If you ever make someone watch “The Office” for the first time “Scott’s Tots” is not the one to begin with.

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Seinfeld- The Finale

Sitcoms may come and go, but “Seinfeld” proudly stands as one of the classics that will never get old. The show on the comedian’s life Jerry Seinfeld gave us one of the best memories of the 1990s. Producers were interested to continue it for more seasons due to its popularity but Seinfeld was determined to end it while it was still respected. Unfortunately, it was the exact finale that left the viewers downhearted. Not because it ended, but because of its script. It ended with the four convicted serving in prison for a year.

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Stranger in a Strange Land- Lost

Worst Episodes of Awesome TV Shows
Worst Episodes of Awesome TV Shows

The highly mysterious show that hooked the viewer till the end has established many great talents. No one left the TV in the fear that they’d miss out on an important element that leads to the mind-boggling mystery of the island. But then we got “Stranger in a Strange Land” where the characters got obsessed with someone’s tattoo that had no impact on the main plot.

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The Lost Sister- Stranger Things

Who doesn’t love “Stranger Things”? This SciFi does not confine itself to fictional monsters and supernatural elements. It expands further to love, friendships, family, and human emotions, along with mind-blowing action and suspense. Every season, this show manages to keep the viewers on their toes with chilly moments and mystery. But the one episode that went totally wrong and ended up becoming the most hated episode in the history of TV shows is “The Lost Sister”.

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Worst Episodes of Awesome TV Shows
Worst Episodes of Awesome TV Shows

Even the Duffer brothers have expressed regret in making it. This episode had no impact on the story and was just a distraction from what the season was building up. In this episode, Eleven left for Chicago to meet rogue misfits like her. One can easily ignore the whole standalone episode and not miss out on the main plot.

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Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken- Game of thrones

The twisted tales of Westeros took everyone by storm in the last few years. “Game of Thrones” blew everyone’s mind away with its captivating storytelling and clever plot twists. But before the disappointing finale, the series had drawn criticism for showing extreme violence. “GOT” was always known for being graphic with the violence, politics, and sexual episodes, but Sansa’s plight had taken a toll on the viewers’ minds. Some critics said that shows and movies shouldn’t shy away from representing the truth, even if it’s controversial, but what the sexual violence showed in “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” was unnecessary. Fans already knew how cruel Ramsay Bolton was and forcing us to watch Sansa’s sexual violence at the hands of the Bolton was tormenting.

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Beer Bad- Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Worst Episodes of Awesome TV Shows
Worst Episodes of Awesome TV Shows

The classic supernatural-adventure maintained its humor and drama throughout the show, which was why teens were addicted to it.  But the show took a misstep with “Beer Bad”. In this episode, Buffy was sobbing and drinking away her sorrows with beer after being dumped by a boy who used her for s3x. Instead of teaching anything on casual s3x or delving on naïve teenage feelings, the scene immediately skipped to a supernatural plot.

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