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Marvel: 10 Things You Should Know About The Tesseract

The newly released series, Loki on Disney+ worked as a transition from the Infinity Saga to the next overarching storyline of the franchise. The Infinity Stones were well-known from MCU’s Phase One to Phase Three. The Tesseract was the common one among them. It was passed from HYDRA to Loki and then to Thanos. But the comic book history of the Tesseract is completely different compared to what is shown in the films. Now let’s have a look at the background of the Tesseract. Here are the things you should know about the Tesseract:

1. There are multiple versions of the Cube

There is not a single version of Cosmic Cube. There are more like them. In the MCU, it is shown that there is only one Tesseract in each universe and there have been various iterations of the Cosmic Cube that differs in origin. The Cosmic Cube was created by A.I.M. in Avengers #386 where Red Skull recreated the original in Super-Villain Team-Up #16 and the Kree and Skrulls were having their versions of the Cube. The Skrull Cube came before all others in chronological order.

2. Multiple Cubes were gathered to create a cosmic egg

In the Infinity Crusade storyline, the female version of Adam Warlock’s goodness called Goddess came to be following the Infinity War. She was aware that she can bring true peace by force and combined more than 30 Cosmic Cubes for creating a Cosmic Egg. This one had reality-changing capabilities that were very powerful, mainly since the egg was formed with cubes from many other realities. The Cosmic Egg was then drained of its power by Thanos and Warlock after defeating Goddess.

3. The Tesseract is unrelated to the Infinity Stones in the comics

Things You Should Know About The Tesseract

The Cosmic Cube was never a part of the Infinity Stones. It was shown in the MCU that the Tesseract has the Space Stone. But according to the comics, the Cosmic Cube is an independent entity from the Infinity Gems. It is debatable if the Cosmic Cube can rival the combined power of the Infinity Gems since the Cosmic Egg had a similar function but did not have the essence of a soul that the Infinity Gems did. In the comics, the inside of Cosmic Cubes had a semi-sentient will that is made as a blend of the characters that wield them.

4. Its name in the comics is the Cosmic Cube

For MCU fans, a Tesseract is an object that made Thanos a very formidable MCU villain. But it is not the same in the comics. It was introduced in Tales of Suspense #79 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and it is known as the Cosmic Cube in the comics. The name Tesseract initially became exclusive to the MCU and then it was adapted into the animated series Avengers Assemble. Considering the comics, calling the Cosmic Cube the Tesseract is incorrect.

5. The Cosmic Cube’s main power is reality alteration

According to MCU, Tesseract has the Space Stone and can be used to travel instantly from and to any place in the universe. But the comics have a different representation of the object’s purpose. The Cosmic Cube can grant the wielder a type of reality-bending. It can be used to transform anything but they see fit, as spotted by Thanos in Captain Marvel #31. The capability has been altered based on which version of the cube it is and increasing its powers to mind control.

6. A Cosmic Ring was forged out of the Cube

According to Marvel Team-Up Vol. 3 #20, a new superhero called the Freedom Ring came to be and possessed a ring that was made out of the Cosmic Cube. The power granted to him was the ability to change the reality of anything within a 15-feet radius. The ring was created by the villain called the Ringmaster. Ringmaster had crafted it out of a shattered fragment out of the Cosmic Cube and later it came into possession of Curtis Doyle who became the Freedom Ring.

7. Tesseract is a character in the comics

Things You Should Know About The Tesseract

The name Tesseract is not unknown in the Marvel Comics Universe. But it is a character. It is from Earth-1610 and is well-aware of the multiverse and his power includes combining the strength of all his incarnations among the multiple universes. The Tesseract has a connection with the Cosmic Cube. Reed Richards came across the Tesseract when he was held at the Baxter Building in Ultimate Fantastic Four #50 and Reed freed him with the use of Cosmic Cube to teleport Tesseract away.

8. The first version was created by A.I.M.

The crime organization called the Advanced Idea Mechanics was credited as the creator of the first Cosmic Cube. According to Tales of Suspense #79, A.I.M. developed it for their plans of world domination but the object was very unstable and one of the co-creators, MODOK lost his senses under its influence. The Red Skull found out about the Cosmic Cube and empowered himself with it. But Captain America fooled Red Skull to think that Cap had been subjugated and led the Cosmic Cube to fall into the ocean after a struggle between the adversaries.

9. The Tesseract is technically the Cosmic Cube

The MCU is getting to the multiverse in Phase Four with the Disney+ series Loki. It is not common knowledge that the cinematic universe has had its assigned numbering for a long time. The MCU is Earth-199999 and makes it part of the various Marvel universes. The Cosmic Cube is chiefly a part of the prime Earth-616 universe and a part of the multiverse. This means that the Tesseract can theoretically crossover into the comic book universe. The Tesseract is most importantly the Cosmic Cube in another reality because everything is included in the multiverse.

10. Kobik was created out of the Cube

The Cosmic Cube had a sentient manifestation in the form of the character called Kobik. Kobik was created when S.H.I.E.L.D. got hold of the different Cosmic Cube fragments in Captain America: Sam Wilson #2 and they were merged. So, Kobik came into being as a child and was not able to understand who she was and her purpose. Because of her status as a Cosmic Cube, Kobik had the power to change the reality that was limited by her imagination.

So these were the things you should know about the Tesseract.

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