Why Ms Marvel is Such a Big Fan of Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a character introduced to the MCU quite later. Even though the character was influenced later, she has been a part of the narrative for quite a long time now. While we have gotten to see her make some interesting appearances in the MCU, it is surprising to see that the character is quite popular in the franchise. The latest trailer for Ms. Marvel clearly shows that the titular character will be a massive fan of Captain Marvel. Let’s take a look at how being a fan of Captain Marvel will actually prove to be an interesting arc for Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel was first introduced in 2013 in the Marvel comics and it ended up becoming one of the most popular characters in the franchise. There were a lot of social and cultural impacts on the character in the world. She became a symbol of Muslim representation as there was a lot of cultural significance to the character. But one of the most essential elements of the character has to be the fact that she is a teenager. Something that has always worked out for characters is their relatability to the fans. This was seen in the case of Spider-Man where we saw Peter Parker going through the same everyday events as other teenagers.


Fan of Captain Marvel

But there is another factor for Kamala Khan that might connect fans to her a lot more. She is obsessed with superheroes and has her own homemade Captain Marvel costumes and even daydreams about being the superhero herself. This is going to play a very essential role in the narrative of the character in the MCU. The latest trailer shows her obsession with the Avengers and it ends up affecting her everyday life. In fact, people have even complained that she spends too much of her time in a “fantasy land“. But that also could be what ended up paving her way to live out her dream.


Kamala Khan’s Captain Marvel Obsession

The character’s interest in Captain Marvel could actually be explained with the introduction of the character in the comics. According to the comics, Kamala had been a witness to Carol’s fight with the villainous Yon-Rogg. Even though Carol had managed to keep the civilians out of harm’s way Kamala managed to get a chance to look at her role model in a very clear manner. This heroic moment is actually what piqued the interest for Captain Marvel for Kamala. Going ahead, Captain Marvel’s status as a powerful and strong female superhero ended up making her a role model to Kamala. Kamala herself stated that she admired the hero’s powers, beauty, and awesomeness.


This obsession could actually have a major role to play for the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She will be seen appearing next to the hero along with Monica Rambeau in the upcoming project The Marvels. This trio of characters could be something that might come up because all three of them end up coming across a common enemy. By getting a chance to meet Carol, Kamala might be able to understand the responsibilities that come along with the powers. This is something that we have seen with the character of Spider-Man too as he was mentored by Iron Man.


Fan of Captain Marvel

There is a certain parallel that this character arc draws with another new character Kate Bishop. Bishop, just like Kamala, was obsessed with another Avenger, Hawkeye and she modeled herself entirely based on him. This would later make for an interesting transition for the character when she would get a chance to fight along with some enemies next to Hawkeye himself. Even there’s no hint whether Captain Marvel will herself be appearing in the series, we can be sure that there will be a reference to her heroic acts.


Ms. Marvel will be released on the Disney+ platform on June 8.

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