All Methods Used To Conceal The Infinity Stones In MCU

Over the lineup of 23 movies, there were six very powerful Infinity Stones that were introduced slowly but throughout the Infinity Saga. Towards the end of Infinity War, all six Stones were uncovered from their mystic artifacts and ancient hiding places as Thanos collected them for his deplorable deed. MCU fans knew where each of the Stone was hidden at this stage of the franchise and most of the hiding places were surprises up until the end. A few Stones were hiding in plain sight for many years. These relics have a lot of power and it is not surprising that most people tried to hide them away from the wrong hands. So here are all the methods used to conceal the Infinity Stones in MCU.

1. Power Stone

The Power Stone was hidden in a small metal orb in an ancient temple on the planet Morag. This was the perfect hiding place since Morag is covered in big oceans and the tides recede enough for access to the temple once every 300 years. But Peter Quill ends up on Morag at the right time and takes the orb from the temple. It is taken to The Collector on Knowhere. But as he retrieves the payment for it, his slave girl grabs it and that causes her body to overload with raw cosmic energy and destroys The Collector’s ship in the process.

But the Stone is re-contained in a different but identical orb after spending some time with Ronan and the Guardians. The Nova Corps held on to the new orb for as long as they can. But when Thanos comes searching for it, it does not take much time for him to get it.

2. Soul Stone

Infinity Stones In MCU

The Soul Stone did not appear till the events of Infinity War. Fan’s theories about the Stone were wild and very plausible, like the one saying that the stone lies in Heimdall’s chest armor and that gave him his powers and the orange-colored eyes. But it is revealed that the Soul Stone is on planet Vormir that is located at the center of Celestial existence that doesn’t sound safe or easy to get to. It is guarded by Red Skull from the first Captain America movie and he informs those who seek the Stone that it needs a great sacrifice.

Fans learn for two times that the sacrifice for the Soul Stone should be someone that the Stone seeker loves dearly like a daughter or a very close friend. This also leads to Thanos sacrificing Gamora on Infinity War and Black Widow sacrificing herself on Endgame.

3. Space Stone

The Space Stone was in the form of a Tesseract for most of its time in the MCU till Thanos crushed the cube in his hand to get the glowing Blue Stone and place it in his gauntlet. The Tesseract first appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger in the town of Tonsberg, Norway during World War II. But many years ago, the Asgardians decided to leave the Tesseract in care of the Asgardian worshippers after they drove the Jotuns from their town, hoping it would remain safe in secrecy in Midgard.

The Space Stone has been hiding in the Tesseract since 965 A.D. Although Asgardian people live for many years than Midgardians, possibly the Stone has been concealed by the Tesseract for hundreds of thousands of years. But it is unknown if the Asgardians put the Stone in the Tesseract themselves or if they merely acquired it during their days of conquest.

4. Reality Stone

The Reality Stone was not much hidden as much as it had changed its state of matter to become a fluid-like possessive entity that latched onto unsuspecting hosts. At an ancient war between Asgard and Dark Elves, Malekith tried to use the Aether to return the universe to one of darkness. But Odin’s father, King Bor of Asgard snatched the Aether from the Dark Elves before they could use it and hid in the depths of an unknown realm.

But during the next convergence, Jane Foster accidentally stumbled into the realm and reached far enough toward the Aether that it uses her as a host before being transferred to Malekith. But Thor and Jane stopped Malekith and regain the Aether. It is later revealed in the end credits that Lady Sif and Volstagg take the Aether from a small rectangular box to a man called The Collector who later appears trying to obtain another Stone.

5. Time Stone

Infinity Stones In MCU

The Time Stone was shown to be the heart of the Eye of Agamotto in the debut film of Doctor Strange. Wong also refers to it as an Infinity Stone and Doctor Strange first uses it at the library of Kamar-Taj to manipulate an apple and later to create a time loop that saves the Earth from Dormammu and his Dark Dimension. Before Strange used the Stone, the practitioners of the mystery arts vowed to protect the relic with their lives as it is their chief weapon in the fight against the dark forces.

The Stone was initially used by the founder of the mystery arts, a powerful Sorcerer Supreme by the name of Agamotto. But once placed within the relic, the use of the Stone is forbidden, although its study was permitted. It is unknown when Agamotto acquired the Stone, how long he was alive to protect it, or if anyone had it between Agamotto and Ancient One. Shang-Chi and The Eternals could get those answers.

6. Mind Stone

We got to see the Mind Stone in the first Avengers film when Loki used the scepter given by Thanos to control the minds of many S.H.I.EL.D. agents. The scepter is later used to close the space portal from where the Chitauri enters Earth and indicates that it could be linked to the Tesseract in some way. It is not revealed why the scepter glows blue instead of yellow and where Thanos himself got the scepter or if he knew about its powers.

A few comic book fans say that Thanos took the scepter from the governing body of Titan once his civilization was wiped out. They also suggested that Thanos never knew it had the Mind Stone and he was merely giving the scepter to Loki hoping to double down on his Infinity Stone acquisition. When the Stone is extracted from the scepter by Ultron, it finds a new home in Vision’s forehead, until Thanos arrives on Earth.

So these are all the methods used to contain the Infinity Stones in MCU.

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