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The Thanos Copter Easter Egg in Loki Episode 5 Explained

Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery,” was just released on Disney+ and it comes with a lot of good moments. Moreover, Loki’s character development that we’ve been seeing since episode 1 was finally seen in action. The episode has finally set Loki, Sylvie, and the viewers on the right direction to the entity behind the TVA. Well, there’s no doubt that the episode wasn’t full of Easter eggs. Speaking of that, there is one that particularly stood out to everyone. And that is the Thanos Copter Easter egg in Loki episode 5. Let’s dive into it!

Thanos Copter Easter Egg in Loki

Thanos Copter is a major comic element and has a huge fan following when it comes to comic readers. So, this helicopter flown by the Mad Titan was first seen in 1979’s Spidey Super Stories #39 created by Nick Sullivan, Michael Siporin, Jim Salicrup, and Win Mortimer. At that time, a powerful being such as Thanos flying a helicopter didn’t bother many people as it may have been era-appropriate.

Thanos Copter Easter Egg in Loki

In this issue, Thanos was pursuing a Cosmic Cube, but his plans were hindered by an unexpected team-up of Hellcat and Spider-Man. Moreover, for some weird reason, the helicopter even had his name stamped on it. I mean, why? Anyway, this Thanos’ one of the most embarrassing moments in the comics, and Loki just included that. Right next to the bunker, Thanos Copter could be spotted laying useless in The Void.

This proves that somewhere beyond the Sacred Timeline existed a timeline where Thanos flew this helicopter. And it’s actually good that the TVA pruned this timeline because nobody wanted to see Josh Brolin in this, honestly! Moreover, there was a 2015 Deadpool comic where Wilson was to secure the Cosmic Cube and was picked up by the same Thanos-Copter. But it’s Deadpool, so such an element is easily ignorable. It’s pretty obvious that this particular Easter egg won’t hold any future references, but it’s a fun element to add for sure.

I personally loved the Thanos Copter Easter Egg in Loki. What about you guys? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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